10 Most Profitable Startup Cities in 2017

Due to rapidly changing world, startup revolution is becoming even more visible and widespread. Market Inspector has put together an infographic with 10 biggest and most profit generating startup cities in 2017. The list is based on the Startup Genome’s research that was published in Global Startup Ecosystem Report.

The list of cities is as follows:
1. Silicon Valley
2. New York
3. London
4. Beijing
5. Boston
6. Tel Aviv
7. Berlin
8. Shanghai
9. Los Angeles
10. Seattle

Each city was ranked based on the scores from several factors that were used in the research survey. The city performance and ranking was determined by calculating weighted averages and scores from each factor. Factor scores are as follows:

  • Performance: 30%
  • Funding: 25%
  • Market Reach: 20%
  • Startup Experience: 15%
  • Talent: 10%
 Startup Cities in 2017

The same mentioned Global Startup Ecosystem Report in total provides 20 cities in the list of highly ranked cities. The rest of the list is provided below.

11. Paris
12. Singapore
13. Austin
14. Stockholm
15. Vancouver
16. Toronto
17. Sydney
18. Chicago
19. Amsterdam
20. Bangalore

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  • May 24, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    Great article! Very useful to read, especially when you are in search for the best place to start your company. We recently put together a piece on The Top 50 Best Startup Cities in the World.


    It is always good to know where it is the best to start a business.


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