15 Mobile Apps Every Startup Founder Should Use (#10 is Must-Have!)

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Candy Crush, PUBG – all these apps might have become the cornerstone of the mobile market. However, the scope of mobile applications is not confined to entertainment and leisure. As the potential of mobile apps is getting unveiled, the mobile apps are also entering the business world – helping them to go an extra mile and boost their business productivity.

Don’t you believe this? Here’s a list of 15 best mobile apps for the startups-

1- Skype

Skype is a must-have application for communication inside and outside the business building. The app, available for all the mobile platforms, offers you the facility to instantly message anyone, share videos, images, files, and much more; making the communication seamless and faster. Besides, the app offers the exclusive service to have free voice and video calls to any part of the world, making video conferencing a great weapon to accelerate your business success.

2- Trello

The Trello App is an impressive replacement of the Pinboard and To-do lists enterprises make. The application, available on both the web and smartphones (Android, iOS, Windows, etc), enables you to manage your tasks effectively. Startup founder can make separate boards for all the teams, assign the tasks, set timeline, share tips in the comment section, and much more. In this way, he can ensure that all of the tasks are assigned and get done on time, and analyze the productivity of every individual.

3- Evernote

Evernote is a great tool to organize your thoughts in a single place rather than sticking notes here and there. The application automatically synchronizes with the data across the web and mobile devices and let the users access them easily. It also allows the app users to quickly scan or clip web articles and visual content, and store additional media even when there’s no Internet access.

4- Google Drive

Google Drive is the ultimate mobility solution for entrepreneurs to keep all the documents and files in a single place and access them anywhere and anytime. The application also allows you to set the sharing permissions for all the documents and share them with others. Besides, the app offers the facility to edit the files, leave comments, and access them offline.

5- Slack

Slack is one of the best instant messaging platforms startups prefer to manage communication in the workplace. The app enables you to make individual private/public messaging channels, automatically index your messages, notifications and files, drag-and-drop and share the files in the chat, etc. This application is one of the major reasons why Enterprises consider Instant Messaging Systems (IMs) as a mantra for business productivity and are investing in developing an Instant Messaging system.

6- Expensify

Expensify is a perfect weapon to tame your expenses. The mobile app keeps a track of your expenses when linked to your credit or debit card. It also enables you to click a picture of your receipts and make your expense report. This aids you to figure out what your financial stage is and how can you improve the situation.

7- MailChimp

This mobile app for startups helps the small business owners to launch a campaign easily and effectively. It empowers them to build and manage the mailing lists, design and shoot newsletters to customers, analyze the campaign progress, run varied reports, and much more.

8- Square

The Square app will ease your payment procedure. The payment app will provide the business owners with a small, portable card reader, which they could attach any phone or mobile device to facilitate fast and convenient payments.

9- Camscanner

CamScanner app makes it easier for you to scan and edit the documents, add a customized watermark, convert the file to JPEG/PDF format and share on devices. In this way, it aids the entrepreneurs with the opportunity to share information easily and effectively; no hassle of typing the whole and then sharing.

10- Gusto

Earlier called ZenPayroll, the Gusto mobile application handles all of your company’s payroll, tax and other processes. It also takes care of the new hires to the government, handles federal tax filings, email digital payslip to the employees, and much more. In this way, it cut down the efforts of the HR and finance team, making them free to focus on other productive tasks.

11- QuickBooks

QuickBooks acts as a mirror of your company’s overall financial health. The app connects multiple accounts (including your bank account, credit cards, PayPal, etc.), tracks the business’ sales and expenses, pay your employees and market partners, make profit/loss reports, view financial reports, trace unpaid invoices, and much more.

12- SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is another potential tool to consider for driving higher business. The app lets the startup team perform extensive surveys without stepping out of their office building. They can gather, manage, and collaborate the user data in real-time and take business-oriented decisions. The best part is that all the activities and data will be protected using the advanced security tools.

13- WorkFlow

As the tagline says, WorkFlow empowers the business owners to perform more work in lesser taps. The app lets the enterprises combine a pile of tasks and create their shortcut on a single platform; giving an escape from switching between different apps. For example, you want to read a book, walk for 15 minutes, attend a meeting, and book a flight ticket today. Just open the app, drag-and-drop to put the list of mobile apps in an order, and it’s done. The mobile app will enable you to perform each task and share content between apps without any hassle.

14- Pocket

Pocket app is also one of the best mobile apps for startup founders. The application let the business owners save the articles, news, and other reading material for later. The app users can access the app data on any device, anytime and the best thing – even when offline. This helps the entrepreneurs to keep abreast with the latest news and market trends even while traveling or having a coffee on weekends.

15- TripIt

TripIt also lands into the best enterprise mobile applications with an exclusive feature of blending travel plans into a single, master itinerary. The app asks you to forward all your trip emails, and the application will proceed the further process effectively. It offers you the facility to inspect the weather report, find directions to the airport, and check the flight departure times and delays. This implies the app takes over your hassle to explore different web pages and apps to look into everything related to your trip.

Besides these mobile apps, various startup founders are also developing their own brand app and accelerating their ROI. Are you also planning for the same? Do let me know in the comment section below.

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