30 Remarkable Style Guides That Startup Should Take Inspiration From

A brand style guide is considered as the heart of the branding for any organization. Essentially, it’s a document that defines, elucidates and presents specimens of what your brand looks like in several visual media platforms like print, broadcast and Internet.

Now if you have been thinking about establishing a detailed style guide for your own startup business, then you have made the right decision. So to help you out in the process, we have created a detailed list of organizations that will offer you the much-needed inspiration on building an attractive style guide.

  1. Dell

The brand style guide presented by Dell reflects its corporate personality. Using distinctive colours helps them to connect with its audience. Their famous blue and white logos have been adopted as a prominent symbol of brand recognition.

  1. Volkswagen

It’s always wise to have a brand style guide that’s simple to decipher and navigate. Volkswagen’s branding principles resonate with its style guide in a rather structured and simple format.

  1. eBay 

Ebay’s style guide presents elaborate illustrations on their logos, with defined features on the configuration/ size /colour and spacing. The manual to the brand style guide sums up the legal guidelines that are vital to safeguard the brand and the organization.

  1. HSBC

This brand style guide is as simple as it can get and absolutely on point. The guide consists of colour grids to indicate acceptable colours for the specific logos of the brand. The logos are subtle, and the typeface is legible and coherent and extremely simple to navigate.

  1. Starbucks

The Starbucks style guide emphasizes on a candid and comprehensive illustration of its logo. The manual of the style guide is also extremely well-designed and offers brief specifications on its float based and inline-block based grid lines.

  1. Mastercard

The Mastercard style guide is focused on its multiple branding assets and is simple to understand even despite its length. There’s a wide selection of colour guidelines and examples of logos. The guide makes use of the classy Mastercard colour schemes to stand out in the overall presentation.

  1. Subway

Subway’s style guide elucidates on the design elements of the logo and the rules for the usage. The style guide of Subway starts with a general overview on the brand equities, also offers a perspective on the price points and also elaborates on the guidelines to advertise depending on the product type and availability in different markets.

  1. Microsoft

This style guide is both simple to use and read. It’s fun, interactive, and extremely sleek. It also comprises of a wide array of grids and charts and is quite simple to comprehend. There are also a number of images and illustrations to maintain clarity on their brand personality for their readers.

  1. Linkedin

Are you looking for bits and pieces of guide for your own brand style manual? Then you’ll get all that in Linkedin’s Brand Resources! Just pick the brand elements you require or download the whole LinkedIn package in one single zip file. The guide features a wide array of their widely distinguished blue and white logo designs, swatches and colour palettes.

  1. Pepsi

The brand style guide of Pepsi is extremely straightforward and visually compelling. There is a solid emphasis on their brand identity through the use of colours like red, white, and blue in their logo. The colours are bright and customized according to the needs of the brand while the trademark font exudes a fun element. The guide presents a set of do’s and don’ts for advertising the brand.

  1. BPR

The BPR style guide is primarily presented on digital branding and icons. There are multiple grids elucidating on the icons and colour adopted for the logo. This guide constantly emphasizes on the process of branding and presents a meticulous use of colours and font.

  1. Skype

What could be an ideal way to create a style guide than including the elements of both creativity and precision generously? Skype’s style guide presents everything, be it their famous blue and white logo or typefaces or strap lines. The guide even elucidates how to utilize their speech bubbles in online and print materials.

  1. Dropbox

Do you want to settle for a simple yet memorable logo guide? Well, good news for you is that not only is the Dropbox logo simple to comprehend but it also has a unique colour scheme that can be implemented virtually on any website. The organization also offers a huge number of colorful artwork that can be downloaded and accessed according your requirements.

  1. Nike

This simple tick logo of this famous sportswear brand can be identifiable from miles away. No matter where you go, its logo is always synonymous with fashion statement. The organization has been ruling over the lion’s share of the athletic shoe market through their meticulous branding and exceptional marketing strategies. Nike’s style guide conveys the universal language of sports. Moreover, you can go to their visual centre to look into their vibrant and colorful and sporty brand assets.

  1. Bing

Bing’s branding guidelines provides you with proper insights about everything you need to know about usage guidelines, graphics and brand assets. The Bing logo, typography, and symbol are emphasized in the guide.

  1. WordPress

Are you searching for a sleek and simple guideline? The branding style guide by WordPress is the right place to look at, particularly if you’re looking to highlight some features of the WordPress with a button on a personal blog.

  1. Lloyds

The overall look and feel of the Lloyds branding guide elucidates on the organization’s values and principles. With soft and understated colours and strong text, this guide emphasizes on their marketing materials. There are some mind-blowing specimens of logo and colour included in the guide just for you to browse through and get inspired.

  1. HP

HP’s branding guide contains an elaborate list of details on the brand character, and the significance of its features and the nuances in the factors like composition, and typography and colours that offer the brand its distinguishable appearance.

Extremely precise illustrations are present within the guide regarding what is acceptable and non-acceptable in the usage of the logo. The guide also contains notes on the brand name of the organization with proper guidelines on usage.

  1. FedEx

When it comes to the brand style guide, simplicity always appeals to the eyes. The FedEx style guide is the perfect prototype of simplicity and straightforwardness, and it’s also extremely easy to use. The guide presents simple font and legible table of contents that looks extremely hassle-free. Elaborate illustrations and graphs enhance the overall look of this guide and provide a clear understanding of how to use the colour scheme effectively.

  1. Disqus

The Disqus style guide contains a myriad of examples on appropriate colour schemes and icons. The guide is concise and easy to read, so it doesn’t come off as too complicated. The charts also offer a great number of details and are quite informative.

  1. MailChimp

MailChimp has maintained a distinguishable style guide that sets it apart from other social media guides through its innovative approach and design.  Their guide consists of their sleek logo and their own typeface known as Helvetica Neue. Their quirky icons can offer all the inspiration that one needs to prepare their own style guide.

  1. Cisco

Vibrant and striking, there is not an iota of dullness in the logo. The style guide of Cisco is very well put together and adopts a distinctive style and colour to keep the reader intrigued. It is extremely legible and on point.

  1. Intel

Are you looking for a detailed guide on logo with usage of colour schemes? Then you should check out Intel’s brand style guide. The brand presents simple white font on a blue background. There are detailed specifications on how to utilize the logo or trademarks of Intel’s products.

  1. Medium

The logo of this website adopts its primary colours in dark, white, and a bright green that makes it incredibly vibrant and appeals to the senses of the viewers. The application of weighted font keeps it all the more intriguing and visually attractive.

  1. Ubuntu

The brand style guide of Ubuntu is short, precise, and contains all the basic guidelines you need to be aware of. The guide incorporates multiple specimens of appropriate font and typeface. What’s more, the guide is easily accessible.

  1. National Geographic

The style guide is created meticulously with colour and styling that looks similar to their magazine. It comprises of a plethora of grids and charts for your convenience and understanding. There’s a lot of information, but it reads well and isn’t boring. The guide presents the basic understanding of National Geographic’s marketing and branding strategy.

  1. Spotify 

This branding style guide of Spotify looks fun. The website includes a rather entertaining slide show, which acquaints you with the brilliant layout. The style guide is informative, and the vibrant green colour scheme makes it all the more engaging.

  1. Paypal

PayPal’s style guide contains a concise, practical and convenient manual. The guide also elaborates on the instructions to download the logo. Aside from the login and sign up buttons, there are buy, and sell buttons highlighting the choices of service, the user may wish to opt for.

  1. Yahoo Style Guide

Yahoo’s style guide presents a wide array of logos and graphics that resonates with the brand image. If you’re particularly looking for a style guide for the web then Yahoo’s brand style guide will be quite useful for you.

  1. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut’s brand style guide is quirky and well-designed. The manual represents the organization’s branding standards rather well. The style guide presents its logo designs, topping icons, colour palettes, brand protection and premiums etc.

Now with so many inspirations to look at, you will have no difficulty to create your startup’s style guide.

Author Bio: Siena William is an entrepreneur and activist of women’s rights. She has pursued her MBA from Australian National University. She has recently joined Assignment Help Company as a writing expert.


Siena William is an entrepreneur and activist of women’s rights. She has pursued her MBA from Australian National University. She has recently joined Assignment Help Company as a writing expert.

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