5 Easy Communication Pieces for Modern Startups

Working as a startup owner is a difficult and risky position. Many things have to click for a startup to survive the initiation period and stand on their feet. When a young businessperson decides to leave their current company, they need to have a clear vision of their future moves. Thins string of actions has to flow as smooth as possible. This is where communication plays a huge role. Therefore, here are five handy communication tips for present-day startups.

The power of email
No matter if it’s used for in-house communication or for reaching your clients and associates, email remains one of the oldest communication tools. Although there were predictions it would become an extinct communication species, it’s still used for various business purposes. For instance, if you organize a daily business meeting or a business event, it’s much easier to send out invitations via email. While some newer tools, like Skype or Hangout, are more appropriate for ongoing business communication, email remains the best solution for official business notifications and letters.

The importance of written form
When you’re at a business meeting, it’s important that you listen to your managers and other presenters. However, if you don’t write down the points important for your share of work, it’s highly likely you won’t deliver it properly. In order to avoid such an outcome, both employees and employers should stick to written form. For instance, team leaders and business managers should send every single meeting attendee an e-handout (avoid printing, for ecological purposes). It should contain the gist of the meeting, as well as the most important general points. That way, employees will follow the meeting much easily. What’s more, it will be easier for them to take their own notes when they’re given the general points.

The potential of presentations
The aforementioned business meetings will be more efficient if they’re enriched with visual presentations. Although listening and writing are valuable methods of distributing information about new business tasks, an all-inclusive visual presentation yields more benefits. Firstly, you can present important data with creative infographics. This incredible visual solution can contain the entire presentation.

Secondly, those meetings will look even better if you include some videos to support your points or show your employees practical examples of new projects.

Finally, the presentation can be distributed to your employees, so that they can have a look at it if they’ve forgotten some parts.

The value of internal collaboration
We often come across different pieces that stress out the importance of content on the Web. While this is something that determines how successful a business will be outside, let’s not neglect the value of internal content. For example, when a startup owner wants to share some information with their employees, it’s crucial for this content to be relevant and informative. In addition, it’s important it gets to each and every employee within that business. Because of that, startup owners should explore the possibilities of the Interact intranet features. This system will enable your workers to receive and send information about business projects instantly. As a result, it will lead to enhanced internal collaboration between your employees and managers.

The potential of individual efforts
Closely related to the point explained in the previous paragraph, it’s vital for startups to emphasize the potential of individual efforts. When it comes to communication and individual employees, they should be encouraged to clearly express their original ideas, as well as their concerns. Moreover, their assignments have to be presented to them with a plenitude of details and additional information.

Managers and startup owners who mistreat their employees and communicate with them in a patronizing manner will have unhappy workers and, consequently, an unproductive business. The final output of a startup will largely depend on the individual contributions made by its employees, so respect them in everyday communication and accept their ideas.

Rapid and accurate communication is the most important prerequisite for a startup to succeed in modern business. When you can connect with your business partners and your employees in a fast and relaxed way, you’re able to adapt your business strategies to the every single change on the market. Such an integration of numerous communication perks can only result in a well-organized and profitable startup.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.

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