7 Killer Marketing Strategies For Any Start Up

This is the era of start-ups. Innovative ideas are emerging and businesses are flourishing like never before. People are being attracted to courses that can give them a head-start to launching their own businesses. MSc in Entrepreneurship is one such degree that is gaining traction recently.

However, to get businesses reach newer heights, every startup needs to market themselves. Start-ups need to make people aware of their products and services. When people are aware of what they are being offered, and what benefit they can derive from it, they are likely to go for it.

So, for the purpose of introducing people to your products, Marketing comes into play. In simple terms, Marketing is a business process which helps a business to attract customers. This process involves various strategies which helps a business to have a greater number of customers.

Every business has some marketing strategies that they use. Therefore, for a startup it becomes necessary to have some marketing strategies to attract customers. A business’ growth gets affected tremendously if they have good marketing strategies in place. Many start-ups refuse to go for marketing strategies such as advertising, because of the amount of cost it bears. But the amount of revenue which will be generated will definitely surpass the amount of cost you invested.

Below are some strategies which can help in boosting the revenue of any startup.

Let’s look at some of these marketing strategies–

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• Give away samples

When you are a new startup, it’s a best way to let people know about your products through giving away samples. This helps immensely in introducing your products and services to the people. As a result, if they are impressed by your product then you are likely to get your potential customers.

Giving away samples for free attracts more people to try your product. This also helps as people tend to refer free samples to the people who are close to them and as a result, more people get to know about your product.

• Advertising

Advertising your product or service is said to be one of the most influencing market strategies. Some people are not at all interested in trying new products of services and this is where advertisement helps. Advertisement makes an impact on people who are watching it wherever they see it, even if it’s a poster.

There are various platforms where you can advertise your products such as social media platforms, TV and newspapers. You can also use pamphlets which lets people know about new start-ups and their services.

Social media sites are used worldwide today. Platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn help you to reach out to different people at different places and thereby covers a wider audience. This helps you to promote your products and services at a large scale.

• Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a good way to inform people about your products. Making your company’s website let’s people know about what different products and services you are offering.

Blogging is a great way of content marketing. People after reading your blogs can understand more clearly about your products or services and its benefits. Many bloggers will also be introduced to your products in your same niche.

You can also get feedback from the people who visit your website and can also get to know your customers.

• Referrals

Referrals are also a strategy which can help in boosting your business. People tend to trust a business product when it’s referred to them by the people they know. In this case your customers help in increasing your sales by spreading the word about your products.

This can work really fast if the customers like your services. Without effort, they will spread the good word ultimately bringing referred customers to you.

• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization helps you in online marketing. Therefore, in order to take your website on the first page of Google, you need SEO.

The whole purpose to make websites is to advertise your products and to give people information about it. But what is the point of it if we people are not seeing it? So, this is why SEO is needed.

There are a number of techniques in SEO which help you in reaching a good rank in Google search engine. This helps to attract more traffic on your website which can help you in attracting more customers.

• Engaging with customers

For any business startup, it’s very important to engage with the customers. This is very effective as people get to know about your company through you. So, this helps customers to trust your information and opinion.

In order to become a part of your customers, it becomes important to be involved in conversations with them. It is also important for you to know your customers and their choices. You should be able to be involved in conversations with them. If you have enough information about your customers’ choices you can check up on your products and enhance them. This process can attract a huge number of customers. Therefore, you should be able to engage with customers and get feedback from them.

• E-Coupons

Giving E-coupons is like giving samples to attract customers. But this process gives customers a chance to buy your products at a lesser price. This encourages your customers to keep buying your products. These offers give you long-time customers. This is one of the best ways to attract customers as well as encourage them to make continuous purchases.


These are the 7 best marketing strategies which help in selling your products or services and also helps you reach out to customers on a large scale. Every business owner whether running a large organization or a small start-up, must try their hands on these strategies. This can provide you with a lot of customers and if they are impressed with the quality of products then they will not be willing to leave you.

Winning customers is not so easy, it takes your hard work, time and planning. You need to be creative as to how your writing can impress customers or your samples can make people approve of your product. You also need to understand your customer needs in order to satisfy them in a better way.

So, if you are also one of those who are struggling with making their brand known, follow these 7 killer strategies to make your startup a hit.


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