Art is something that every individual possesses! Owing to the variable conditions around us, sometimes we lapse behind in bringing the artistic talent out for the world to see! It is a common phenomenon that is observed in everyday life. Seldom, due to the routine fixed life we bring out the artistic side stuffed within!

Making your passion, your hobby a profession might be considered a bold step, but once you materialize the concept, it might work wonders! The world is strange, and so are the habits of people. You might end up being successful with your talent that you otherwise had given a second priority. So, for all the individuals who have an artistic talent and waiting for someone to push them off the cliff to fly for success, this blog might give you the wings!

We put forward some might points that will strengthen the base you need. A small motivation and a planned process will give you all the respect and reputation you had been waiting for! Read on..

You may come across many people who are deeply talented. Creativity and talent that make people drop their jaws is a scarcity! But, due to smaller platforms or lack of opportunities, these talents bite the dust. This is a harsh reality and truly an unfortunate scenario!

It is important to identify the art where you shine the most. Allow yourself some time-frame to sharpen your skills. A continual process wherein you can master the art will give you an upper edge over the competitors.

If you love paintings, you can begin by hiring a small gallery and put your art forms to display. Allow time for users to interact with you, answer their questions about your art, discuss about your future projects.

Don’t feel discouraged if someone criticizes your art. Here is a wonderful tip on how to face such discrimination:

Create your niche and keep on working till you master it. Keep on improvising and make yourself a brand!

Well, who hasn’t faced struggles in their lives? It is a part and parcel of every person’s life and one has to face it, no matter how hard you try to avoid it! Being an artist is no exception, rather it is one thing that you should expect at every step. The crux is that you should not give on your efforts and trust your abilities! Art is something that has withstood the toughest times! Here is an article that will give you some confidence and aspiration to carry on:

One must understand that strength will come only when it is tested. So, it is always advisable to stay brave and never give up to the worst situations in life!


The art industry is growing rapidly! It is estimated to cross 10 Billion Euros by the year 2020!

Now, who would not love to ride on this tide? But, hold on! Before you jump out of excitement, make sure you follow the correct path. Your art should be focused to the segment of the audience that are targeted and not the ones who don’t understand a bit of it!

Going the wrong path will not just affect your business but also bring a strong question mark on your reputation!
Here is a small topic in depth that discusses how not to make art marketing mistakes:

Social media is an effective form of communication that has been on the rise for the past few years! Used mostly by youngsters, but it is also common in every segment of the society! It takes no time for any event to rapidly spread throughout the world.

Catching the nerve, many artists have started to use the tool in their favor. Though, the importance of Social Media is well known, here is something that will give you a brief understanding of how the SMM tools will help your art to outshine your competitors!

With the advent of science and technology, there has been a rise in publicizing artworks on the web. Many sites have come to the play and few of them have been successfully made careers of many artists. is one noteworthy mention here. Artists from various countries are a part of the site that has witnessed massive popularity in the past few years!

It welcomes established as well as aspiring artists to promote their art through their site! Owing to the rising number of visitors, there is a huge chance for your art to get seen by audience throughout the globe!
Apart from selling your artworks online, you can also take part in competitions that can help you win cash prizes! Subscribing is easy and hassle free!

As an artist, you should never give up on your hard work and efforts. Many famous artists were rejected, though possessing mammoth qualities. Some waited for a long period to sell their first piece of art. Some sold only a few, but went on to be the most applauded arts of all time!

An artist should always keep ice on his head and sugar on his tongue! Every art eventually finds its destination, what matters the most is its journey!

This post was written by Jerry Patterson, Content Creator and Implementer at ShowFlipper.

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