Calling Skills Required for an Effortless Sales and Support Conversation

Salespeople rely on many sales outreach tools today – attending trade shows and meetups, sending emails, newsletters, calendar requests, making cold calls and even the social media platforms.

  • Every tool has its own rule of usage.
  • You cannot drop emails to random people as there are spam rules set by email service providers.
  • You cannot call prospects or customers outside your office hours.

Even in this modern age where everything is becoming internet-based, there are effective methods that allow businesses to generate their sales appointments; such as the telephone. In this article, we will be talking about the points that you should know while managing your sales and support calls.

Points to remember for Sales Calls:

Some crucial scenarios for approaching your sales calls.

Express extreme respect towards your prospect and customers

  • Sales reps use their intuitive CRM software for scheduling their sales calls well in advance. However, they do make calls at random for an opportunity that suddenly arises.
  • While connecting with your prospect start with a very humble tone.
  • The ratio of yes against no is rare because when you start off you call at such a thoughtful and respectful note, the caller feels obliged to entertain you call.


“Did I call you at a wrong time?” or “Is it the convenient time for a detailed conversation?”

Explain the reason for your call

  • “What is this call about?”
  • “How did you get this number”?
  • “Why did you call me?”


“Hi, Chad, we’re in the same Facebook marketing group. I saw a post of your requesting information on CRM vendors.”

  • The emphasis is always on the receiver because they don’t want to give up their privacy and productivity on a random call.
  • If you successfully explain the reason for your call and convince them to listen to your sales pitch, then you will be able to add substantial value to your sales call.

Verify your prospects role in the organization

  • Yes, you know your product is made to break records and myths, but how do you convince other businesses that it will make a positive impact on their growth?
  • Approach them directly! Yes, you read that right. In B2B sales you must always reach out to your prospects directly with your solution.
  • We are not doubting your skill as a sales rep, we are just saying that you will obviously do your background research to verify that the call is being made to the right person.
  • However, in a fast-growing business environment, people change their roles very quickly. This makes it necessary for you to verify the prospect’s role in the company before approaching them.


“Hello Mark, you still manage the monthly meetup for all the startups in the Charlotte area right?”

  • Sometimes the information sticks, but many times you will receive a response where the person would’ve changed the role.
  • In such cases, you can rebuild your rapport with the new person and also ask if they have any way of reaching to the person who was previously working on that same position.
  • This allows you to keep your current prospect engaged and provides you an opportunity to establish a new connection.

Personalize your approach

  • Mentioning a mutual public connection makes a better impact on the prospect.
  • Adding a personal touch creates a comfort level between the two of you and it allows you to create an engaging conversation where you can sneak in your solution.


“Hello Dave, it was good to see your comment on Nicole’s work anniversary post, I didn’t know we were connected via a mutual connection apart from the digital marketing group. How’d you know her?”

Points to Remember for Support Calls:

Some crucial points to adhere for hosting support calls from prospects and customers.


“Hey Chad, thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule and reaching out to us. We are really sorry you had to go through such trouble. I have made notes of the crucial points of your problems and will be assigning a field support person against your complaint ticket. We really value your relationship with our company so be assured that our team member will reach out to you and help you solve your issue.”

We are going to base all our point on this aforementioned example so that you can have an in-depth understanding of how things must be taken care of while attending queries from your customers on a support call.

Listen carefully and learn about their problems.

  • How would you feel if you have to repeat your current problem more then twice? Definitely annoyed!
  • Customers are looking for an answer to what went wrong and why it happened. They would like to have a swift decision so that they can get back to their selling ways.
  • This makes it really necessary for you to train your team to become good listeners. Most of the time, support reps make the mistake of interrupting their customers and start anticipating their problems.
  • Yes, empathy is part of your skill, but that won’t kick in until you have listened to all the details your customers called to inform you.

Involve personalization in your conversations

  • You might have observed a tone of personalization in the previous example. You would also like to know that customers like to know how much the company values them.
  • If the customers feel that they were just a sales target for the business, they will never come back and will refrain others also. This is not something that any business would want.
  • Make sure that your support staff asks for the person’s name and always respond to emails personally rather than using the automated responses.
  • Providing better customer service allows you to create a healthy and growing environment for your business.

Remove Obstacles

  • In this always on the go world, no one likes to wait and the same rule is followed by your customers.
  • Your loyal customer base will definitely see a decline if they have to wait or don’t get the service they want.
  • Small and midsize businesses face the issues where they have to keep the customer on holds or call queues due to lack of well-trained staff.
  • It is necessary to decrease the average call wait and hold time for your customers. This can be done through proper training of your staff and regular upgradation of your support scripts.

Stay Positive

  • Providing satisfactory service to customers is really tricky, every one of them differs and so does their problems.
  • Make sure that your B2B customer service has more positive mentions, no matter how intense the call may get.
  • Irate customers are always going to make their way to your support portal, and in the age where everyone is on social media, one small misunderstanding or misinterpretation will cause your brand image to fall.
  • Try your level best to calmly reason with your customers while they are with you on a support call.
  • Remaining optimistic and providing a satisfactory solution to them is your key to a successful and happy customer retention.


We hope that after reading this article two things will be clear in your mind.

  1. Your mindset and approach have to be very much optimistic while making or receiving calls.
  2. Sales and support go hand in hand.

With the points mentioned above, it is clear that your oration skills while on the phone with your customers needs to have a certain amount of respect, empathy, and patience.

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