10 Financial Management Tips for Startup Entrepreneurs


Starting your own business and becoming your own boss sounds tempting, but believe me when I say that it is not everyone’s cup of tea, nor is it a piece of cake. Many things are easier said than done – transitioning to a startup entrepreneur is among the top contenders on that list. If you have decided to launch your …

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Payroll for Startups – Common Mistakes to Avoid


The buzz of starting a new business is often quickly overshadowed by the grind of paperwork. And one of the biggest and most grinding administration tasks is the company payroll. For startups, the payroll is one area where mistakes are often made. Unfortunately, it is also an area where mistakes can have some pretty dire consequences. Amongst other things, an …

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Top 10 Challenges faced by every Startup Entrepreneur


Setting up and running a business is hard work, especially if you are starting from scratch. You have never managed a company on your own before, hence you are not fully aware of the scope of your responsibilities. It is easy to second guess your potential or overestimate your capacity when you are experiencing the newly found rush of entrepreneurship. …

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What Are The Benefits Of Ecommerce To Your Startup


An e-commerce startup for your business is one of the quickest and the most helpful approaches to construct a purchaser base and an e-commerce website is a somewhat cost-effective approach to have remarkable development of your endeavor with these destinations are not just simply for the clients to utilize; they likewise give easy to comprehend factual data of your sales. …

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From Corporate To Startup: The Story Of Brandburp’s CEO

BrandBurps CEO Anshul Sharma

Transitioning from a well-established company to a startup is not a decision you would make without due consideration. It is a very big move and can be highly risky as it has more cons than pros. Every individual, who plans to switch from a corporate to startup, goes through tons of emotions. The thought of not succeeding can be intimidating …

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The 10 Most Successful Food Startups Of The Decade


Are you looking for new food startups in the market? You came to the right place! Here you could find the best ten food startups of the decade. You may like some of these news startups, so have a look at their benefits. The Best 10 Most Successful Food Startups 1. SmartSweets Candy without sugar? You would probably say that …

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Starting Your Own Business in 2020? What NOT to Do


The business environment has been hit hard in the year 2020. But problems create opportunities so with the passing of a few months, we see a spike in the business world as new businesses are emerging on a daily basis. Stating your own business could be risky and uncertain so if you want to start a business read through all …

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Planning To Setup a Start-up in Dubai ? – Focus on These 6 Important Factors

Dubai- Sunset

Dubai is the commercial capital and golden city of UAE. Dubai provides vast business opportunities and unique business structure to the companies from all around the globe. It also has the most diverse and largest economy in the world. UAE is a WTO(world trade organization); therefore, it plays a vital role in trade and commerce globally. Dubai has international exposure …

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4 Steps You Need to Become a Startup

people sitting down near computer table

You must be having a great business idea. But there’s this fear of starting up. Where are you going to begin? What are dos and the don’ts? You might even be having doubts about whether it’s the right thing to do or not. All this fear might be because you have no idea about how startups work. In addition, in …

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Start-up challenges along the triangular dynamic university- government-industry in a cluster environment

Start point on the road of business or your life success

Most American start-ups face recently a huge of challenges to promote their growth, maintain their sustainability and increase their efficiency to survive. Most of them cannot deal with an industry-university and government triangular dynamic difficulties at different stages due to the global coronavirus pandemic crisis. The Post-COVID world will offer more perspectives for main start-ups to strengthen the economy. It …

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