Female Start-Ups Changing the World in 2020

The world is rapidly changing with disruption to traditional markets thanks to forward thinking leaders who identify niche customer demands and opportunities to reshape industries. This phenomena is strongly tied to economic cycles with periods after recessions historically leading to huge innovation and idea inception. Significant examples include the creation of Disney after the Great Depression and the founding of Uber and AirBNB after the Great Recession. Groundbreaking ideas seem to emerge from monumental challenges and the start-up market of the past ‘Tens’ decade of the noughties absolutely demonstrates this.

Within this, female-led start-ups are making their mark with historical growth from 2015 to 2020 in particular. This influx in female-led start-ups has been called a ‘pink-winged stampede’ with these organizations achieving a billion dollar unicorn valuation at an unprecedented rate in recent years. Interestingly for an asset class largely under-valued by venture capitalists, BCG says that these female-led start-ups are actually more profitable. They report, “Businesses founded by women ultimately deliver higher revenue — more than twice as much per dollar invested — than those founded by men, making women-owned companies better investments for financial backers.” From beauty to charity and technology to community needs, these female-led start-ups indicate how women are driving change and customers are responding with their capacity to create profit finally being recognized.

Trainwest shared this infographic Female Start-Ups Changing the World in 2020 to highlight the achievements of these organizations and businesses. In addition to delving into the stories of these start-ups, there are key statistics and insights about their contributions in the marketplace. Read on for even more about these incredible founders and how their work is changing the world — after all Crunchbase.com writes of the trend, “Female-founded unicorns show us that these companies, from an investor side, are far from a charity case, they’re vehicles for returns.”

Female Start Ups Changing the world in 2020

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