The foosball table is killing your start-up

Is the foosball table bad for your start-up? Before we can answer that question, we have to start from the beginning.  What is a start-up? The very best way to describe it is with two words – young and investment.  A start-up is a term we use to describe special young companies who are founded by other people. We can often find start-ups with nothing but a detailed business plan. The majority of start-ups are simply an idea that needs developing, which means they have a lot of things to do. Start-up developers must test the industry to make sure that their idea has a public and when they see that, they can take the next step.

When the project starts working, the first thing the owner has to do is to find the best people for the group. The problem with this task is that it can be tricky. It is not that easy to find people who are interested in working for you and following you on the quest of transforming a start-up into a quality company – your brand.

What a foosball table has to do with start-ups?

coworkers-planningDevelopers love the idea of an ideal office full of games and open concept design and they often use that to lure people.  Even though it does sound cool, this method is a mistake. Luring people to work for you just because you have a cool office is a mistake and you will now find out why.

Start-ups are very hard projects which need a team of people who are ready to give 150% to the project. If you recruit a person who is here because you have a cool office you won’t get 150% of that person. You as a start-up owner have to surround yourself with people who aren’t afraid to work hard because they know that working hard now will make the company more successful in the future.

This is why you need to be cautious when you’re choosing the group for the project. An authority in the field doesn’t have to be the best for your team. Sometimes, a certificate is just a certificate. If a person is a bad worker he can have the best certificates in the world, but that still won’t make him good for your start-up.

It is Google’s fault

google-boardHow and why we decided to put cool furniture like game tables in the office? Well, it all started a couple of years ago with one of the most famous companies in the world – Google. Google has opened the door to the public and showed the people how the best office in the world looks like.

In Google’s office’s, people can play different game tables and video games, chill out in the cafeteria or rest when they feel like it. That step has made Google a role model for start-ups and modern successful companies in general all around the world and they all want to be Google. The best way to achieve that is to act Google, right? Wrong.

If you really want to act like Google, act like Google before it was one of the best brands in the world. Google can have foosball tables, pool tables and slides because they can afford that. Everybody’s dream is to work in Google. That means that people will work hard every day in every surrounding. That is not what start-up can do and that means they can’t lure people with cool game tables to work for them. They can, but those people aren’t a good fit for the business and they will most likely quit when the situation gets hard.

You don’t need a foosball table

team workHaving a foosball table is cool, but it is not absolutely necessary. If you are a start-up owner you have to set your priorities. The cool design of the office is not the most important thing on your to-do list and that is why you have to look away from the possibility of owning cool office. That doesn’t mean you won’t have it in the future, it just means you have to focus on more important stuff now.

Invest in good equipment, comfortable chairs, licenses for all the software you need and in the salary of your team. There is no point in having a cool office if you can’t afford to pay the bills for it.

The company itself is, the people in the company, and even the company policy is what makes one start-up good. A foosball table is just a perk. When you realize that you will find the best people for your project and you won’t say that foosball table killed your start-up. Actually, you will eventually award your best team in the world with all kinds of perks because you are surrounded by people who believe in what they do, just like you do.

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