Google Intranet App for Startups with No Office Space

We’re seeing many startups nowadays in different forms and the latest startup idea is virtual office. Starting a new business is definitely costly affair while office establishment is very often consumes lion share from it. So, latest hi-tech entrepreneurs are coming up with an idea of virtual office for their startups. Here, any business roots and its success path mainly dependent over communication. If you’re planning a virtual office for your startup, then you must be aware of the best tools online those can be helpful for you to establish the best communication medium successfully. Here, very common and unanimous option would be Google apps like Google mail, Google calendar, Google sites, Google docs and some more.

Google Sites is definitely a first best app for the startups here those are planning to start their establishment virtually. It will help you to initiate your organization intranet with the help of this app. It will stand as an entry point for your employees those intended to work for your startup. You can add your investors or partners too into this network basing up on the priorities and interests. This intranet allows you to separate your employees into the various departments too. This will turn your establishment into further more effective for the flawless working.

Use Google Docs through embedding into your intranet after successful establishment of the network and separating it into the meaningful departments. It will help you to organize your record keeping in the best manner. Google spreadsheets and other docs are very much compatible with your intranet that is established through Google Sites. This will enable easy sharing of information, records, data and many more among the employees of the startup those are working virtually on the intranet.

Now, add additional Google apps like Gmail, Gchat, Gcalendar and some more to your network through embedding. Create email accounts for each of the employee that is working for your startup virtually under this established intranet. This will create a flawless communication medium among all. There is no necessity to spend more money on your new business through making good use of the mentioned apps from Google. Recently, there is an update that these apps are no longer available at free, but paid versions too help you to save a lot of money on your establishment too.

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  1. Neat article. It is true that intranets are kind of a “need” now in a corporate setup office. But not to fret to those small-scale businesses as there are intranet tools that can be tailored to just what you need. Some are free just like Google Docs, Dropbox, etc. You just have to search through the internet or seek help from Simpplr (!

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