Great Green Tips for Building a Sustainable Startup

Getting your small business up and running takes a lot of hard work, and, initially, thinking about creating an eco-friendly startup might not be among your top priorities. This is understandable, especially after considering all the initial costs, the market competition, and the price tag of creating a sustainable business model. However, in the long run, building a sustainable startup and becoming an eco-friendly entrepreneur has numerous financial benefits, and a positive effect on both staff and clients. To help you take advantage of this great opportunity, here are a couple of great green tips for building a sustainable startup.

Lighting Alternatives
Introducing natural lighting wherever possible in the office has an enormous effect on your energy bill, but can also improve productivity. When combined with windows, new light tube technology can generate natural light into your workspace. This solution works throughout the day like a general overhead light, and you can expect a return on investment immediately since natural light improves concentration among employees. Alternatively, you can choose low-energy light bulbs, and promote the use of artificial light among your staff only when necessary.

Regulating Temperature
Another substantial investment when building a green startup involves regulating office temperature and implementing thermal insulation. The simplest way of cutting back on heating costs and improving energy efficiency at the office is by lowering room temperature by just 2° during the heating season. This can decrease annual fuel consumption at your company by 8%. However, the best way of insuring stable temperatures without the use of energy is by implementing quality thermal insulation at your facilities. Although it is a substantial investment, it can remove the need to heat or cool office space entirely.

Sustainable Water Systems
When creating a sustainable startup, one of the biggest investments you can implement is sustainable water in business. Although purchasing and installing solar panels is an expensive investment, it can make the company’s overall water heating source. Another great way of cutting back on water demand is by placing sensor activated technology. This can make the flushing system at the company more efficient, while the automatic taps can release only the necessary amount of water per hand wash.

One of biggest impacts companies have on the environment is waste. Besides providing their services to startups which can help make your business eco-friendly, professional geotechnical engineering consultants urge entrepreneurs to recycle and use recycled and re-usable materials as much as possible. Implementing recycling methods at your company can exempt you from taxes, thus creating a self-sustaining waste disposal system. Additionally, always consider buying re-usable items or ones made from recycled materials. Buying recycled paper is a great way to cut costs at the office, while you should consider stopping the use of plastic at your company altogether.

Greener Transportation
A great way your business can cut back on green-house gas emissions is by motivating your staff to use greener methods of transportation. Encourage employees to carpool to work, and make a displayable timetable at the break room. Company can also provide their staff with monthly public transportation passes. Another great way is to introduce a bike program, and supply your staff with bicycles. Depending on the location of your startup, this can make also make it suitable for tax subsidies. Still, if you choose this option, you will need to make bicycle parking system, as well as an in-house repair service.

Going green at startup level can have a major impact on business profits and only relies being creative and your willingness to think long-term. Labeling your business as eco-friendly, can ultimately attract new customers, make your business eligible for government subsidies, and in the end has an immensely positive impact on the environment, which is, in anyone’s books, a win-win situation.

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