10 Best Growth Hacking Tools For Startups

Startup owners focus on the fast growth in order to sustain and create a position in the market. In this blog, we have come up with top 10 best growth hacking tools for startups that will help you boost the growth of your startup immensely.

  1. Zapier:- Content Marketing has been one of the most important and useful formula as a growth making activity. Zapier is the most effective tool to automate the social media marketing activities, various online campaigns, email etc. you can easily connect with the app and workflow will be automated. This tool can bring the growth hacking to a next level.
  2. Email Hunter:-Email hunter can assist to find out email address of potential clients, influencers, prospects and many more. In order to find potential clients, first of all, get connected to the extended version of Email hunter, sign in to your LinkedIn account and start finding the potential professional contacts. Once you get such profile, hit the extension button and you would get prospect’s mail address.
  3. Mailytics: This tool is a great way to know your competitors. Mailytics can bring you the information related to your competitors such as their newsletter, analytics and even email ids. You will be able to get all the statistics such as newsletters and emails sent to the audience by your competitor. This will give you an idea on kind of content you should focus on, the way it works, click rate and even open rate.
  4. Emma:-This is one of the popular email marketing tools that would provide you qualitative templates that you can send to your subscribers. These templates are quite popular in the market and liked by the customers. 
  5. LinkedIn Pulse:If you are in a B2B business, then LinkedIn Pulse is one of the most effective way to share stuff. LinkedIn Pulse is the great place for the interaction. You can divert good amount of traffic with it. Even, bloggers are also getting diverted towards this popular platform.
  6. Google Keyword Planner:-Google Keyword Planner shall assist you to find best keywords for SEO. You can conduct the research to know the best effective and efficient data based on the past Google searches. You can use this tool for absolutely free.
  7. Hellobar:-This tool shall let you create your own bars and popups through which you will be able to grab the attention of your audience. You can then divert them to get connected with various social media platforms to expand your reach. You can keep a close watch on the stats as well.
  8. Mixpanel:-This is an analytical framework that is event based. This tool is known for the customer service and hence it is quite popular in the market. Now, customer navigation and tracking will be quite easy for you.
  9. Buffer:-If you want to plan your social media posts strategically, then this is a right tool for you. This tool shall let you schedule your upcoming posts and analyze the data.  It is one of the most effective tool.
  10. Feedly:-Content is a backbone of today’s business firms especially startups. This tool will source blog articles and news for you.  According to your firm’s interests, you can choose the news and content feeds.

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