Entrepreneurs Can Use These Guidelines to Move While Starting a Business

Moving while starting a new business may seem like a nearly impossible task, but for some entrepreneurs, it’s a necessity. If your current home doesn’t fulfill your needs as a business owner, it’s time to look for the right place and get the buying and moving process started. A local real estate professional can help you find the perfect spot to set up both home and shop when you’re ready. It’s good to prepare a list of things you’re looking for, including the type of neighborhood you want and how much space you’ll need, as well as a list of things you don’t want.

Not surprisingly, you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed when you’re trying to juggle moving and launching a business. That’s why Startups Base presents this guide to help you balance these two life-changing moments.

Think about the details

There are many details that go into finding the perfect home for both your family and your business, and while it may not be possible to snag a house with everything you need, letting your agent know your must-haves will be a huge help in the search process. Once you have the big things like neighborhood and size nailed down, think about what you’ll need to run things effectively. Will you require space for inventory or packaging? If you find a home that meets almost all your requirements but doesn’t have an extra room for your office, will you be able to create one in the basement/attic area? If so, what will it cost to set up wi-fi and electrical outlets there? You’ll also need to know whether the neighborhood you choose requires certain permits to operate a business in. These questions will help you narrow down your options while allowing you to keep an open mind.


Prep for the move

Moving is often a stressful process, but being well-prepared will help enormously. Once you’ve found the perfect home for your needs and are ready to begin getting organized for packing, gather everything related to your business. Create packing lists for each box and number them so that when they arrive at your new home, you’ll know exactly where everything is and whether you have all the boxes together. If possible, transport these items yourself rather than putting them on the moving truck; that way, you can unload them as soon as possible and get set up.

Don’t be afraid to seek help

Starting a business is incredibly difficult work, and many small business owners think they can do it all when they’re just getting started. However, it’s okay to admit when you’ve simply taken on too much work, which is especially true when you’re moving and starting a business at the same time. So, don’t be afraid to seek help from freelancers, who can tackle some of those projects for you. Remember to use a recruiting agency to find people suited to the tasks. Who knows? The freelancers you use today could be your full-time employees tomorrow.

Launch with confidence

Once you’re settled into your new home/workspace, it’s time to think about how to successfully launch your business. Since you’re in a new neighborhood, it’s beneficial to get out there and network. Talk to other small business owners in the community and introduce yourself and your business. Do a little leg work to find out what your competition is in the area and what they’re getting right (and wrong).

Also, if you haven’t already, create social media accounts that will allow new customers to find you and get in touch, and create a plan for reaching a wider audience. The more you can talk up your business and make contacts, the easier it will be for you to launch with confidence.

Starting a business and moving at the same time takes lots of preparation and thought, so give yourself plenty of time to get things done to reduce stress. Create a timeline for the move and the launch of your business to help you stay focused and on track, and utilize resources online to figure out your next steps.

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