Hands-On Business: Useful Courses to Expand Your Knowledge Arsenal

Lifelong learning is the business buzzword of the 2010s. From this point of view, the business world is only at the beginning of an exciting period of IT-generated growth. Since competition on the global level is becoming harsher and more demanding, it is clear that ambitious professionals will have to keep learning as they work throughout their careers. I have prepared an overview of some useful and practical courses for every business owner and manager.

On account of financial accounting
There is always a clash of opinions when it comes to the level of financial knowledge a business owner needs to possess. Some people claim that you should be an expert in the field in which you work, while other fields, such as taxation, financing and legal matters should be outsourced. On the other hand, their opponents claim that entrepreneurs have to cover all the niches that are important for their business. So, if you want to improve your knowledge on finances, try the Wharton’s financial accounting course. It is held by Brian Bushee, a former Harvard professor. The course can be attended on Coursera and it lasts for ten weeks, taking about seven hours of work a week, on average. Interpreting balance sheets, following the cash flow and reading income statements are only some of the things that the attendees of this course will learn.

In the realm of artificial intelligence
Everybody who possesses a grain of common sense knows that the future of the mankind is closely related to the development of artificial intelligence. As this form of intelligence is rapidly overtaking the world, a group of scientists and entrepreneurs has published an open letter on AI, to show  that it is going to be a burning issue in the years to follow. So, it is obvious that modern business owners should learn more about it. A course on AI, available on Udacity, is a great way to learn some basics about artificial intelligence. It has its roots in a well-known Stanford course on AI. ThisUdacity course is self-paced, meaning that the students that take it can follow it the way that suits them. No theoretical knowledge in AI is required prior to the course, but you should know some basics in probability theory, as well as in linear algebra.

Computer science in practical work
No matter how skillful and knowledgeable you are with computers, the philosophy and theory behind those powerful machines are a completely different pair of shoes. This is why everybody who wants to scratch behind the surface and learn more about computer science should take the Introduction to Computer Science course, created by Harvard experts and available on the EdX platform. The course is demanding and pretty difficult, but those who finish it will know how to use the most important programming languages, such as SQL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and others. The greatest thing about this course is that attendees are required to solve problems and do real tasks; to be more precise, eight problems taking about 15 to 20 hours each.
Getting to know more about the background of the modern IT can leverage your business potential. Moreover, if you add Excel courses to your IT education, you will form a firm ground for further development in computer science.

Gaining business knowledge has always been a long-lasting process. New trends in technology and education have raised the whole process on a much higher level. This is why opening your mind to new skills is the most important thing a modern entrepreneur can make. So, attend courses, keep learning new things and always make your mind competitive in the contemporary business race.

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