How to Create a Welcoming Reception Area for Your Startup

Starting a startup is one of the most challenging projects in the business world today. You have to have a profitable idea, a solid execution plan and a trustworthy team that will turn your dreams into reality. However, that’s not all – you also need to set up office space and provide working areas for your employees. One of the most important parts of your headquarters is the reception area, where the first impressions are made and deals are struck. Receptions must be remarkable and you have to take their planning into serious consideration. Here’s how to create a welcoming reception area for your startup.

What’s the most essential thing a potential client, customer or business partner wants upon entering your premises? Comfort! Your visitors should rest, relax, recuperate, enjoy themselves for a while and prepared for meeting you. Hence, your reception area has to include comfortable furniture, so make sure you go and find the most comfy pieces you can afford.

The best idea is to get enough couches and armchairs for a group of six or seven people, and place them strategically – close enough so that everyone can talk business while waiting. If not in the mood for conversation, they might want to read some magazines, so make sure there’s a broad selection of these. You should try to keep your selection of magazines and other publications as up to date as possible, so it could be worth subscribing to several that are really relevant to your field of labour.

Finally, add a coffee maker and a water cooler to make your visitors feel extra welcome. Remember that the more comfortable your guests feel, the less stressed and anxious they’re going to be when the time comes to talk shop, which is definitely something that you should be looking forward to.

No matter how many people pass through your lobby daily, it still has to be spotless at all times. In busy buildings, floors get dirty in no time and people always bring in new layers of dirt and snow with them. So, you must solve this issue somehow.

Nothing says ‘unprofessional’ and ‘disorganized’ as having your guests trying to go through a maze of different boxes.Packages and all other deliveries are, in most case, left at the reception desk, on a daily basis, so having sufficient space to store all these items until someone can pick them up is tremendously important. To this end, you should make this area large enough so that items, regardless of their size, can be easily set to side on another desk surface, or, even better, somewhere out of site, as behind the main desk.

An idea you could explore is combining decoration and practicality. By placing runner rugs or carpet aisles – for smaller spaces, you can even install carpet tile on your own – you’ll inspire your visitors to wipe their feet upon entering. Alternatively, place a shoe cleaning and polishing machine near the front door and don’t forget that a handy umbrella holder might minimize the amount of rain, mud, snow and dirt in your reception area.

As for the flooring materials, granite imposes itself as the optimal choice here, being incredibly tough and resistant, but also very visually appealing and attractive, and, last but not least, very easy to clean. And if you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, you can always go for laminate; it is true to say that it gets affected by heavy foot traffic, but you can always replace certain segments of it, or the entire reception are for next to nothing.

Of course, anyone entering your headquarters will know why they’re there – but reminding them doesn’t hurt. That’s why your reception area should feature your company’s logo in prominent positions on the walls. These will show your visitors that you value your brand and wish to promote it even further. The next step is decorating the entire area in your company’s official colors and patterns that will create a unique vibe and coincide with your startup’s philosophy.

In addition to this, you should also consider placing the logo designs on the walls or installing TV displays playing your startup’s advertising somewhere near the sitting lounge. Just take a peek at these entrance photos and you’ll see that certain companies have both a reception desk with their logo carved into the front side and television screens clearly displaying it.

Once you do this, your visitors will be able to view your offer and services while waiting, as well as understand the professional approach your company delivers. And when the holiday season arrives, add a few holiday decorations and make this area much more personal and homely.

While all of these aspects are vital, they won’t do anything for your visitors unless they create a welcoming atmosphere. Therefore, that’s the impression you have to aim for. Think about how you’d feel entering your reception area if you were an outsider and see if that’s how you want your business partners and associates to feel. On the other hand, remember how you felt in other company’s lobbies and try to replicate the positive impact these spaces had on you.

The most effective way to achieve a welcoming atmosphere is by the proper usage of high quality lighting. No matter how much natural sunlight your reception area has, you should definitely enhance it with some additional lighting solutions. And if you want to portray a professional and environmentally aware image, choose the LED panel light option – these lights are energy efficient and economical, so they not only give your visitors the most natural welcome ever, but also save you tons of money.

If you cover all these aspects when arranging your startup’s reception area, you’ll create a welcoming, inviting, pleasant and branded environment that your visitors will enjoy, regardless of how many times they return to it – and with such a reception, they’ll definitely want to return again and again.

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