How to Do Social Media Marketing for your Startup

It doesn’t matter what your startup is about and in what industry you are competing – it’s crucial to have a strong and comprehensive social media campaign around it. The goal should be to reach as many people as possible, but it shouldn’t stop there – having a social media presence also mean getting detailed feedback from the customers and forming a community around your brand.

Try to cover all devices, platforms, and all the social media at once, but tailor the message to the media, it’s easily noticeable when your message is generic.

Strategy first
Before you start posting and promoting, actually before you create any profiles – think about your overall strategy regarding social media. First of all, decide on whom you want to reach and that will determine the tone and probably the network you’re going to use. Set clear goals about how many followers you want and how many interactions with them will suffice. It’s not exactly science, so you’re probably not going to be spot on with that numbers, but it’s good to have a monthly and quarterly goal, so you know how the business is developing.

Customer service
Stacking your social media profiles, with talented content creators also means you don’t have to spend too much money on customer support. All the questions could be answered right there on the social network itself. Have in mind that talking to the users and posting content aren’t exactly the same and that it takes a different set of skills to do it. Everyone in charge of talking to the social media followers should be patience, polite, and willing to deal with an unpleasant situation from time to time. Having a sense of humor also helps.

E-commerce businesses can find social media campaigns to be especially beneficial because of its remarketing possibilities. According to Shopify’s Facebook marketing guide messengers, bots, and conversational approach to commerce is the future of e-commerce marketing. Facebook will help e-commerce businesses to target their key audience, but also to expand on it. There’s a variety of different ad types it’s just a matter of finding the ones that are the most suited to your type of business. For instance, video ads will work better for cultivating brand awareness while offer ads can help get new followers.

Cross promotion
It’s best to view all your accounts as parts of a single larger strategy. Different social networks could target a different demographic, but having a separate youth or women campaign can seem a bit sloppy and unorganized. Use the existing already popular accounts to draw attention to new ones on the social networks you didn’t quite master yet. Also, it’s imperative for all campaigns to have the same of very similar visual identity. You can accomplish this by making a company logo visible at all times or by using the same color palette on all your accounts.

Social media isn’t just about talking to the consumers – it’s the face of your company and it can be use for talent scouting. This is especially true for tech related start ups – if someone is following your work early on, there’s a chance that it’s a business insider or someone your company could use on the team. Post about job openings and organize private get-togethers for those who interact with your social media the most. This could be your company’s newest assets or they know someone who will be. Social media could also be used to create an image of a corporate culture you’re promoting, which is what draws in big talent more than any salary.

Brand ambassadors
In the end, no matter how advanced the technology is – creating a good impression is uniquely human skill. Use the social media to get in touch with brand ambassadors or people influential in their field of expertise. Cultivating these kind relationships will also mean that you company is getting positive buzz and being associated with the right people. It doesn’t have to be someone famous, just someone people trust in your industry and the support doesn’t have to be anything more than a retweet.

Focus on a social media campaign right from the very start of your business venture. It’s the best way to stay in touch with your consumers and to get much needed feedback.

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