How to Promote Your Startup

Now that you have your startup up and running, you need to promote it relentlessly. Different methods of promoting a new business exist today, but not all of them serve suitably. You need to identify what type of promotional campaigns yield the best results within the shortest time possible. Availability of resources for marketing campaigns is another factor that determines whether a campaign is suitable for your startup or otherwise. You cannot dedicate all your resources to promotions as this might leave no money for other operations, so prudence works here. The following are ways to promote your startup effectively and increase sales.

  1. Press Release for Your Startup
    Perhaps you are wondering, what is a press release? Well, this is an announcement made through online media and it is meant to inform the public about a new business, recently launched products and services or changes in the administration in a company.  Using a press release to promote your startup is a wise approach to marketing mainly because press releases tend to fetch people’s attention instantly.
    You can submit your press release article (usually one-page article) to a news website or a blog that accepts guest posts. The press release directs traffic to your website through back links, and some of the traffic translates to increased sales. The method is cheap and more efficient compared to shooting a television ad as it costs less and allows you to target a specific audience. Write up a press release detailing important info about your startup and proceed to use it to promote your startup.
  2. Email Marketing for Your Startup
    Email marketing is a marketing process which involves the collection of email addresses, followed by the sending of targeted email messages to an emailing list. Email marketing goal is getting paying customers from the recipients.
    Email marketing not only creates awareness for your brand but it helps you explain your products and services and educate the recipients as well. By giving value to the recipients, you persuade them to try your products.
  3. Startup Submission and Promotion Agencies
    Promotions usually come at a cost when you use the intervention of an agency. If you compare the benefits to the cost, the cost becomes negligible. When you submit your startup through an agency such as myStartupTool, they submit your brand name and details to directories that usually list businesses for promotion.  If your business is listed, you start enjoying good traffic from leads generated from the submissions. Startup submission usually assists with creating awareness for your brand as well.

No matter which way you choose to promote your startup, remember, always read up and know where your money goes.

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    Nice article, I would like add in startup submission, you can freely submit your startup to 130+ startup directories


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