How to Run a Great Startup Blog

There are a few things that will decide how successful a startup is going to be. The first and the foremost is how good and innovative the idea behind the product or service is. Then, there is also the timing which has to be perfect for the startup to get traction and initial funding. Another huge part is the amount of attention that the startup gets from its customers and, perhaps even more importantly, its potential customers.

In order to become more visible, a startup will need to do everything they can to spread the word about their product (service) and what they are all about. A startup will also want to increase its visibility in the search engines so that people learn about it when they search for a certain term in Google and other search engines.

A huge part of all of this is going to be the startup’s blog which can be used in a number of ways and which can contribute greatly to the startup’s visibility. The important thing is to use it in the right way and fill it with content that will attract visitors and future customers.


Don’t Be Too Salesy

One of the most common mistakes startup owners make when they produce content for their blog is that they see it is as a place to advertise their product. And this is perfectly natural. They are proud of what they have done and they wish to express why they are so proud. The only problem is that the blog is not the right platform for this.

There are other parts of your website where you can outline everything that is great about your product and where you can point out how you are better than what the competitors are doing. Of course, you will still want to feature calls to action as part of your blogposts, just in case someone decides to become your customer.

If you wish, you can share stories about the road your startup is taking and the problems you have encountered (and overcome). However, if you choose to do this, try to make it a story that other people can relate to and not just a way to blow your own horn, so to say.

Solve Problems

There are a number of startups and businesses in general that have decided to solve problems with their blogs. For example, a startup which has developed a new piece of accounting software can feature a blog where they will be tackling the most common issues accountants and business owners encounter when doing their books. Depending on the kind of startup you have founded, you will do some research and find out what people are talking about.

This will do a few things for your blog and your startup in general. For one, by providing people with actual solutions to their problems, you can rest assured your content will get shared (and naturally so). Furthermore, people will start considering an expert in your industry, which is always a good thing when you are starting a business and trying to make a name for yourself.

Nail the Visuals

The days when all you needed were a few 500 word articles to call your blog a blog are behind us. Blogs have turned into little publications themselves and they need to be as visually attractive as possible. If you do not have ideas about what great looking blogs look like, you can check out some cool WordPress themes and get some inspiration.

Another great idea would be to feature videos on your blog, as they can truly set the blog apart. This is perfect for certain startups that deal with more concrete issues, but even the most video-unfriendly startups can produce a few videos, perhaps showing off what happens behind the scenes as the product (service) is developed and brought to life. For example.

Invite Interaction

One of the latest trends in business blogging in general is inviting the visitors and the readers to become involved in some way. You can do this as a startup. For example, you can invite your visitors to send you questions that you will then address in your future posts. Or, you can invite them to share their experiences with your product or service. If possible, you can even ask them to send you videos of themselves using your product which you will then feature on your blog.

This is a great way to grow a really engaged reader base which can easily turn into brand ambassadors that you will not even be paying. Also, you can rest assured that people will be more than glad to share the content they created themselves.

Closing Word

In short, your blog should be a place where people will read something truly interesting and where they might even come to see what the other visitors are doing. It needs to look great and there is always good things to be accomplished with a few videos.

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