How to Start an Event Planning Business Today

Event planning market is growing with each passing day, as people are becoming more and more overwhelmed with the hasty pace of modern life and don’t have the time to deal with the organization of celebrations. Corporate events also make a huge chunk of clients’ demands. This benefits people with excellent communication skills, organizational capacity, networking abilities and eye for detail, who want to start their own event planning business. No matter if you want to start your event planning company from your house or from a full-blown office, there are some things you have to know in order to be successful in it.

Networking Is Everything
Event planning business requires perhaps more contacts than any other business in the world, and you should start building your own network even before you establish your business. Start by researching service-providers, such as caterers, venue managers, the musicians and other professionals whose services are necessary in order to make the event function smoothly. Find the ones with the best price-quality ratio, and offer your services. As for the clients, you will rely mostly on marketing and online promotions, but you should also ask for recommendations and give a great deal for your first event, which will later serve as word-of-mouth marketing, if you do everything right.

Beyond Promotion
Starting a business from scratch is very difficult, but the Almighty Internet has made it easier. Use all the tools it provides, including Social Media, Google Ads and SEO (search engine optimization). Make sure you don’t use the web only to promote your business. By giving the visitors quality content and fruitful two-way communication, you will create a firm base of followers which will turn to you when there is a need for event planning.

Provide Convenience
In this day and age clients and potential clients don’t have time for complications, so you should make sure you provide them with convenience both in the online and offline surrounding. Your website should provide them with all the info they need and also to contain the plug-ins that will make their navigation easier. You will need to have a good system when using WordPress for event ticket sales which enables you to manage multiple events with equal efficiency. As for the offline, you should be flexible and try to adjust to your clients’ schedule.

Have Live Consultations
Whenever you can try to arrange live meetings with your clients so that you can get to know them and understand their needs and wishes. Try to make organization of those meeting easier, by giving your clients a chance to choose the place where it will happen (your office, their office, a restaurant, etc.). However, if your client doesn’t want to or can’t attend live meetings, at least try to have regular and clear online communication.

Keep up with the Trends
Event planning business covers a vast range of industries, and it is very important to keep up with the trends, or even better, to be ahead of them. As an event planning firm, you will have to be aware of the newest tendencies in food industry, interior design, marketing and even music. The easiest way to cover all of these areas is to assign one to each employee, that is if you have more employees. If not, make Google your best friend, find the most appreciated media about these topics and try to read them at least once a week.

Don’t expect your event planning business to grow at an unreasonable pace. It’s a gradual process, which requires a lot of work, patience and positive word-of-mouth. Take it one day at the time, be the best you can be, and success will follow.

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