How to Start Your Business Blog and Succeed

As a business owner, you have probably heard many times that you should have your own blog. But why should you really have it and can really all businesses have a blog? That’s what you’ll learn in this article.

There are many people who have associate blogs with personal blogs of different kinds where you can read about what people have eaten and what they are wearing, but a company blog is something completely different. A company blog is about strengthening your brand, driving traffic to your website and ultimately getting more leads and customers.

So, to the question: “Is it good for all companies to have a company blog?” the answer is clearly yes. In fact, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities if you don’t have one. There are always exceptions that confirm this rule, but these exceptions are few. Thus, the vast majority of brands will benefit immensely from having their company blog – If they have the right strategy, of course.

The reasons why corporate blogging is beneficial are many, but two of the main reasons are that you drive qualified traffic to the site and build your brand by having one. In a survey conducted by Hubspot, blogging took the lead among the sources that drive the most traffic to the companies’ websites. The reason why blogs tend to drive so much traffic is that the more sub-pages you have (eg blog posts) that are optimized, the more likely one of the blog posts will show up on Google search results when someone searches for something related to the business and industry.

The second reason is brand building; Customers want to see that companies are alive and kicking, and often times, customers tend to leave company websites if they don’t have a blog, which means missing out on tremendous marketing opportunities.

When deciding if you should have a blog for your company, ask yourself the two questions:

1. Do you have good content to share? If you don’t, continue reading and we’ll help you with some ideas.

2. Do you have the time to update the blog at least once a month?

It is important that the content of the blog is good, relevant, and high-quality, otherwise, the blog will obviously have no effect. You should strive to help the visitors as much as possible because if you do, they’ll share your posts on social media or link to it, which means amplifying your message and spreading your business. Writing good content does not have to be so difficult, after all, you are already familiar with the topics you should write about since you operate in your own industry every day. Maybe you can even consider and call yourself an industry expert. What’s missing is you sharing that expertise with the world.

One way to write good content is to share “secrets” and content that others charge for. By doing this, you provide tremendous value to your audience and prospects. 

This type of content is education and information based content. Instead of regurgitating content an writing about things that everyone else in your industry writes about, try to give your unique take on your industry and focus on providing industry insights which few people are providing.

Don’t hold anything back, but instead try to give everything you have away for free, because in the long run, this will give you a tremendous leverage, which ultimately leads to sales.

If you do not want to write

If for some reason you do not want to write yourself, there are several different options to still run a blog for your business. An alternative is to share something else you’ve done, for example, through audio or video form. Another option is to hire someone who interviews you and get good topics and information to rewrite. The most common way businesses create a business blog is to hire professional writers that create the content.

How to get ideas for your blog

There are a ton of different things you can write about, but if you are running short on ideas, interesting news in your industry, guides and answers to common questions is a great start.

In fact, the most common way people today ask questions is via search. If you provide great content through your blog, you’ll rank well on Google and are able to answer your prospects’ questions.

What you can do is to create a list of the most commonly asked questions, and answer one question per blog post. This is also a great way to show your expertise.. You can also try to Google in English to see what your competitors have blogged about. Furthermore, go to Google and then search for keywords related to your industry and you’ll get a bunch of ideas for articles to write. Google Keyword planner is also a great tool for getting keyword ideas for future articles.

Make sure you don’t go too wide, though, with highly competitive keywords, especially when starting out, because it will be too difficult to get good positions on Google with the blog post. Its better to focus on long-tail keywords which are very specific as the competition for these is much lower.

How to optimize your blog post

When you make a blog post, there are some things to keep in mind in mind, and one of the most important part,, apart from writing a high-quality post is search engine optimization. The most important thing is to ask yourself “who am I writing this post for?”

When you write a blog post, you want to name the title of the post so that it clearly shows that it answers the question the searcher is looking for. When it comes to optimization, make sure title tags and URL are correct. 

Two common questions:

Should the blog be on my domain or should it be on its own subdomain, for example, blog.yourwebsite?

Yes, it should be on your domain, but it should be in a subdirectory at because Google ranks a subdomain like a separate domain, which will make it harder to rank when starting out.

How often do you need to update your blog?

The best thing is to update it at least once a week –  if you have good content, but never compromise quality for quantity. If you post less than once a month, people may think you’ve stopped, and Google may think that your blog is not up to date.

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