Impressive Marketing Strategies for Startups

Two key ingredients of a successful company are quality products and a great marketing strategy. Both need to be fulfilled in order for one company to rise above the ocean of mediocre ones. A company with amazing products is worth nothing if nobody knows about it, while the ones with great marketing and a worthless offer are just rushing to tell the world how bad they actually are. This is why it’s extremely important for every entrepreneur to learn the significance of running an efficient and successful business, but at the same time, letting the world know about it.

However, once you understand and manage to balance everything, you need to decide which strategies to use. Every business is unique and requires a special recipe for success. Marketing strategies have been and still are changing. Being innovative and creative is definitely a plus here, but there’s always a risk of your audience not seeing eye-to-eye with you on the matter. It’s risky, but exciting and necessary. That is why every business owner needs to experiment and find their own style.

Know your audience

The first thing you need is to get to know the people whose attention you want to draw. There’s no point in starting anything before doing this. Think about what your company does and who its target audience is going to be. Once you do that, focus mainly on that group of people. A marketing strategy that focuses specifically on one group is much more efficient than one that tries to cover the majority of people. It is a well-known fact that you can’t please everyone, so what’s the point in trying?

Be honest

Your goal is to get people to use your company’s services and also to keep them loyal. In that respect, lying to get their attention doesn’t make much sense. This will be your first contact with potential customers. Do you really want it to be based on lies? Nevertheless, every good relationship is based on trust and honesty and this one should be too. Don’t promise anything you cannot deliver. Keep it real but strong. Your future customers will know how to appreciate that.

Strengthen your brand

Before starting with any kind of serious marketing, you need to make sure your brand identity is strong and clear. There aren’t many things as off-putting as a confusing brand. What are the things that define a brand? Company products, vision, target audiences, goals etc. Make sure to put everything out there for your future customers to know. Once your brand is established, your whole marketing strategy will make much more sense to everyone around you.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other powerful forms of social media are at your service. Surely nobody can imagine a contemporary company without engagement in this field. Whether you choose to do it yourself or pay to be promoted, social media is something that should be well utilized in your company. You may even have a special department that is in charge of the maintenance of pages, groups and ads on social media.

Promotional materials

Old, but gold. Promotional materials are a good old-fashioned way to get yourself out there. Handing out pens, keychains, notebooks or flyers is a great way to retain existing customers as well as gain new ones. Annual celebrations and festivals are great opportunities for you to promote your company. Have a team of people ready for these events, ones that have outgoing personalities and experience. You should arrange regular printing services in order to always be equipped with all kinds of necessary materials. You never know when the next opportunity to give them away will be. That’s why you should always be prepared!

Inbound marketing

This strategy gives slow, but steady results. It definitely works, but it depends on many factors. You can start off by writing about your company on your blog or use guest blogging. Content marketing and SEO also fall under this category and should be done. The main difference between outbound and inbound marketing is the fact that you don’t search for new customers, but make your own company easy to find for people who already need it. This is why the results of this action are slow, but in time, that is going to be the prevailing detail that sets you apart from other similar companies.

A/B testing

This method, sometimes called split testing, means offering two versions of a webpage to similar clients and keeping the one that gives better results. It’s very simple and extremely effective. Statistics is never wrong. So, every time you’re having second thoughts about different ways to handle a situation, apply this test and see for yourself. You’ll always be able to see which version is better received and you’ll be having no more headaches regarding this kind of choice. Of course, this requires some more time and more work, but the results are more than useful.

Customers’ feedback

Business people tend to get carried away with all their obligations, which are many, but they often forget what their main and essential focus should be – customers. Without them, everything you have would be worthless. That is why you need to hold them in highest regards and try to cater to their every need. The best way to do that is to ask for feedback and pay attention to it. Negative comments may even be more useful than positive ones as they allow you to see what you did wrong and give you the opportunity to improve. However, don’t just ignore positive criticism, make sure to say thank you in a personalized way which will show your regular customers that you know and appreciate them.

There are many ways for you to work on getting your brand out there. Perhaps one of the most important things you should know is that it’s better to focus on just a few strategies thoroughly than try to do as many as you can and end up with no results. See what style suits you and do your best during the process. Results will surely follow.

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