Improve Your Startup’s Marketing Efforts by Using These 5 Strategies

Starting a business is always stressful and it comes with a range of (un)predicted situations that could potentially make or break your business altogether. The financial aspect plays a huge role, along with your initial business plan and the people you’ve decided to work with. If we’re brutally honest, just a few wrong moves can send your business downhill BUT – just a few right ones can skyrocket it and help you make a name for yourself in the world of successful entrepreneurs.

For all the startup enthusiasts that are just starting out, here are a few business and marketing tricks that can potentially make all the difference for your business:

Start with a quality website

Every respectable business owner knows that a powerful online presence is half the battle. Well, not really HALF but a solid third. Although traditional marketing strategies still have their place in the marketing world, the truth is no business will grow quickly unless their online presence is clean, easy to reach and relevant. So, find a great web designer, one who works in the lines of your aesthetics, your firm’s area of business and your target audience’s preferences. Make sure your website is optimized by experts as well, for mobiles too. These days a mobile-friendly webpage is a must.

Embrace social media

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know how important social media presence is for both your personal and your business image. Everything’s about the way you present yourself to the public, and – if you are smart enough, you’ll use this almost-free-of-charge advertising opportunity to your advantage.

Build a social presence your target audience can identify with and create a strong, recognizable brand based on the type of content you publish. The way you interact with your clients will send a clear message about the type of business you are, so be mindful of that, too. The key is to go strong, memorable and identifiable. You want your clients to perceive your brand as a problem-solver and just the thing they’ve been missing in their lives. Unless you are experienced in social media management, hire someone to help you out by managing your pages on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram… at least until you build your brand and find your way around social media marketing.

Hire the right people

Every good business starts with a great team of people who are equally committed to the same goal. Although you’d probably rather hire someone with less experience just to pay less and save as much as you can – don’t. Hiring reliable IT experts, content writers, transcribers, marketing and social media experts will cost you a bit more initially but will be 100% more beneficial in the long run. As for money-saving, you can turn to HR software solutions, super-accurate transcription services online and other helpful online options available for new businesses. Oh, and if you want your business to thrive, make sure you hire professionals who are not only experts in their fields but do understand the operative structures of startups and can storm through the ups and downs you may face.

Invest in SEO

Investing in SEO is no longer optional – it’s a must. Although up until recently SEO has been a fairly unexplored territory, these days it is understood that every business needs to have their SEO strategy properly aligned and someone actively working on it. Keyword research and keyword implementation in their initial concept don’t mean much any longer as Google keeps changing its algorithms, challenging its users to fully commit to staying on the first page. Find an SEO expert to help you out – it’s an investment you won’t regret.

Turn to influencers

Influ… what? Give it a moment, okay? If you’ve ever heard your favorite blogger or Instagram/Twitter person speak about a particular brand or service and praise it for its efficiency, high-quality, affordability, etc. – that’s precisely when they promoted that same brand/service to you. Basically, influencers are the latest marketing hack for everyone who wants their product/service launched fast and associated with their favorite online people. Some influencers will promote your business for an agreed sum while others will do it in exchange for the service you are offering. Turn to influencers with a big following and those you actually want to be associated with your brand.

Good luck on your path to successful entrepreneurship – we hope the advice above helped!

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