Interview With Founder of Start-Up Booster – Darya & Elena

In January 2015, the female led company Start-Up Booster invited the first group of entrepreneurs to take part in coaching on how to launch their business from scratch. The leading Experts in Psychology of Excellence, Marketing and Sales help idea owners get Start-Up Black Belt. Start-up Booster is helping entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life through mastering practical business skills online in 50 days in the realm of 10 live web based sessions. Thus the company fosters collaboration of international students and graduates, entrepreneur minded individuals, start-up owners and SMEs in launching their business.

Within the first year the company has conducted numerous free and paid web based webinars. In addition, StartUp Booster constantly holds interviews with entrepreneurs and start-upers around the world to provide motivation to program participants, blog readers and contributors. A special guest Verne Harnish, inspirational author of the “Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It… and Why the Rest Don’t”, was also interviewed by the StartUp Booster team. The company is focusing on social engagement and has growing Facebook, Google+ and Twitter communities.

This is an interview with the founders of Darya & Elena. They have shared some profound wisdom for budding entrepreneurs

Darya & Elena

1.What motivated you to start your company?

Many years ago before Start-Up Booster emerged we were also start-up entrepreneurs launching the first business and had to learn a lot. Sometimes it was a challenge to find the necessary information and good advice on how to proceed. With the time we learned the ropes and were happy to help friends on starting their business. Seeing that our advice works and changes the lives of people was the best motivation to launch Start-Up Booster.

2.When was your startup founded?
January 2015

3.What were you doing before starting this Startup?

Both founders are multiple entrepreneurs and have been working in consultancy business for over 10 years.

4. How did you come up with the idea of your brand name?

The idea was pretty simple to fill in the skills based education for those who need it in one single touch without searching a lot. The name says for itself

5. What problem your product, service or concept is going to solve?

Participants will get an exclusive Business Coaching which will enable them to launch any kind of business from scratch. Start-up Black Belt aims at developing practical skills for starting, developing and growing your own company from a business idea using the bootstrapping method.

6. Why did you choose this particular domain or industry?

There are so many sources of information however not always theory can be applied to practice or show the straightforward way of its practical application. We are helping to gain and master the skills that are essential to start a company.

7. What are the challenges that you have faced in your niche industry?

Competition however all competitors can be converted to partners

8. What does a typical day in your office consists of?

Enjoying what we do!

9. What are your future thoughts about your industry?

The industry is still in the developing stage and we see a great potential for it. Helping people to implement their ideas makes the lives of everyone better and more fulfilled. Start-ups are always the segment that can produce unicorns you never expect.

10. Your suggestions for budding and upcoming entrepreneurs?

Become a doer and go for your idea. You are the key to implementing it!

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