Interview with the Founders of Bikes4Sale

Bikes4Sale was founded by Arun Thomas KB in the year 2007 and within a short period it has become the No 1 website dealing with used two wheelers in India. It is one of the top three motorcycle portals in India. More than 1.2 lakh two wheelers were sold through the website till date. Arun was fascinated by the impact of internet on market, the wide opportunities inthe e-commerce field. With the reach e-market have in the minds of people, Arun started Bikes4Sale as an initial venture. Now it reached upto Mobiles4Sale and Carz4Sale . Mobiles4Sale was launched in February 2008 and Carz4Sale in June 2009. In November 2011, Scooters4Sale was soft launched.

It is a free portal without any fees or commission to sell motorcycle or scooter. If one is confused about what price to quote for Their motorcycle, The motorcycle valuation tool of Bikes4Sale will help you get an approximate idea about its current market value. They have an Optional Premium Service for urgent selling of motorcycles. There paid service comes with 100% money back guarantee. There reviews and content section help users take a wise decision while buying a new bike.


What motivated you to start your company?

I was passionate about computers right from my high school days. During my college days, the flourishing field of internet spurred in me some ideas to start an online business exploiting the vast options Internet offered and I tired some of them too. But soon realised sound concepts alone cant fund a new venture. But those small experiments deeply rooted the idea of entrepreneurship in me. Knowing too well that I would never fit comfortably in a 9-6 job, I wanted to start a business on something which I am passionate about. So that’s it..Bikes…After spending so many months coding, debugging, taking feedback from friends and seniors, finally I came up with a stable website for buying and selling used bikes online – Bikes4Sale

When was your startup founded?

Bikes4Sale was started in 2007. And in 2008, we started Mobiles4Sale along with my wife and partner in business, Remya Sebastian.

What were you doing before starting this Startup?

I was working in an MNC as Software Engineer.

How did you come up with the idea of your brand name?

The website primarily aims at helping users buy/sell their used two-wheelers in a few simple steps. I got the idea when I was able to sell my brothers bike through my friend’s company Intranet. A niche classifieds website for bikes was lacking at that time. The very thought prompted the name and idea.

What problem your product, service or concept is going to solve?

While starting Bikes4Sale, my intention was to create a niche platform for buying and selling used two-wheelers in the simplest way without much hassle. Bikes4sale is easy to use and navigate, compared to many other auto portals in India. Any user can post their bike Ads or search for suitable used bikes in some simple steps. Since we verify the email/mobile number of each seller, the ingenuity of the seller is guaranteed.

Why did you choose this particular domain or industry?

Being a passionate biker who keenly watches market updates, I wanted to start a business on something which I am sure wont loose interest at some point of time. Because apart from funds, its the sheer passion and determination which is going to drive this business.

What does a typical day in your office consists of?

We had a vision about how our office should be when we start one, right from the very beginning. We don’t have any strict timings and we do have flexible work from home options. No daily meetings unless necessary.

What are your future thoughts about your industry?
Online auto industry is evolving and lots of new players are entering the market. Things are going to be interesting in the next two years.

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