7 Tips for Finding the Right Lawyer for your Startup

One of the things that startup founders most commonly forget about is that they need a lawyer. In fact, before you even launch your startup, a lawyer be of huge help to help you register your new business and get everything right in the legal area. Once you start working with your partners and clients and once you start hiring people, a law firm that will handle your papers will come in more than handy.

But, how do you make sure that you are hiring the right people?

  1. Ask Around
    The first thing you will do before you even start searching is talk to your friends, your colleagues and your acquaintances. The chances are that some of them have worked with a law firm that has handled startups like yours in the past. They will probably also have a few horror stories and you have to make sure to avoid any lawyers in the future that raise any of the aforementioned red flags. It is all about finding out where to start.
  2. Check the Web
    These days, everyone is online and a great way to find a great lawyer is to go online in search for them. Check out the local directories and try to find as many testimonials from the past clients of the lawyers that have caught your eye. If nothing else, checking out these directories will provide you with the phone numbers to dial. If you are luckier, you might come across an online forum where people will be discussing legal firms in your area. You never know.
  3. Talk to Potential Candidates
    Once you have somewhat narrowed your search, you will want to start interviewing your potential lawyers and this is where you need to be extra careful and diligent. You should ask them about stuff like their past experience, their education, perhaps a few questions on how they would handle a potential case that might look like something you might encounter in the future.
  4. Check their References
    While interviewing your potential future lawyers, you should always ask them for references and once your interview is over, you should start doing background checks. Talk to the people whose reference they gave you and make sure you get all the information you can from them. People will understand you. No one likes to hire someone who is incapable of handling their business and people will gladly help you out, letting you know everything you want about your potential future lawyers.
  5. Find out Who They Know
    It probably should not be that way, but when it comes to corporate lawyers; it is all about who you know. You will want to hire someone with all the right connections in local business organizations and courts. You will ever want to make sure they are on good terms with other lawyers. People from an Oregon online divorce company have told us that a number of their clients had problems when separating from their spouses because their corporate lawyers didn’t know who to recommend. Don’t even get us started on the need for your lawyer to get on well with lawyers who work for your competitors and partners.
  6. Check the Fit
    For the most part, legal matters are quite dry and, why not say it, boring. That being said, you will still want to hire a lawyer with whom you will be able to talk and with whom you will click. This is a very subjective thing, but we can all recognize people that we just do not fit well with. If your lawyer is not a good fit, look further and find the one who will be just right for you.
  7. Do not Rush Into Anything
    Our final tip for finding the right lawyer for your startup is not to rush into anything. If you are not 100% about someone, do not hire them.
    It is as simple as that.

2 thoughts on “7 Tips for Finding the Right Lawyer for your Startup

  • August 12, 2016 at 12:58 am

    Checking the background of lawyers that have caught your interest sounds like a great piece of advice, especially for startup companies. I’d assume that it’s hard to find the right type of help when you’re just starting out. Past clients are probably a reliable source to find out more information on the service you’ll receive.

  • January 3, 2017 at 7:32 am

    I am planning to launch a startup soon. But I have never heard about startup lawyers. What is their job role?

    In what matter they would help?

    Your tips are great but I need to know about their work first then I would be requiring your tips for finding the best one.


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