My Thoughts Starting up a Company in the Remodeling Industry

Well, so technically I am not remodeling per se, but I am still in the remodeling industry. In fact, I help contractors by doing their online marketing, in a way. What I do is I help homeowners get connected to screened contractors in their area. My company is called Contractor Quotes and these are the thoughts I have been having since the inception.

Starting form scratch

Everything is tough in the beginning; Jumping into it.Figuring out if your idea makes sense from a financial stand point.Figuring out if your marketing plan makes sense. What are the necessary costs you need to include in your planning? What kind of safety net do you have if your company does not grow as quickly as you were expecting it to?

Honestly, I’ve been through all these feelings. Each day when you reach a mile stone, it  feels like a burden is lifted from your shoulders. Each day you get rejected or do not reach your financial targets feels like a day where the biggest mountain is placed right back on your shoulders.


I had the plans in place before starting. I had a good understanding of the strategy and the overall execution. But still, the beginning is tough no matter what. What’s even tougher is seeing progress and then seeing that progress disappear once again. You’ve been working so hard to get to a certain stage and then something changes the game. The way I make money is every time I connect homeowners with relevant contractors. So if I connect none, I make zero dollars. Despite the fact that I am not fighting financially, it’s tough to see days that are a lot lower than the average, Because they do exist.The immediate question that jumps in your head is, “Is this the new normal? Have I just been set back 6 months?” Usually, it’s not the case; you have a bad day. The next one is back to normal but it’s still very much a mental struggle. You can’t help but question everything; Was it the right decision to become an entrepreneur after all?

Suggestions for Entrepreneurs

My one advice to everyone is, if you have the possibility, try out as an entrepreneur. I get it, there might be circumstances that make it impossible for you to do. You may not have the financial safety net it requires if the business does not grow. However, when you see growth as an entrepreneur, the feeling is simply amazing. Every time I wake up and see how well my business is doing, I’m truly grateful. It feels nothing short of amazing. Every day it happens. So if you can, try it out. It will be scary, but it will be rewarding like nothing you have ever done.

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