7 Reasons Startups Should Launch Their Website On WordPress

It is always a challenging task to launch a new website, especially if you’ve just started off your web journey. There are myriads of factors that you need to consider while developing your first online business. Most of the startups usually find difficulties in selecting a reliable CMS platform due to lack of web awareness. Since the selection of a content management system is one of the most crucial steps, you need to do a complete research before making a final decision.

While there are hundreds of CMS platforms available on the web, I would strongly recommend you to use the WordPress. Apart from getting number one position as a user-friendly content management system, WordPress also offers some fantastic range of themes, plugins, and customization options to help you create a website, without ever generating a piece of code. Of course, you can modify the code of your site for further customization if you know more about HTML/CSS programming languages.

Below are the few reasons that will ensure you that WordPress is an ideal choice for startups and novice web users.

  1. Cost-effective solution
    WordPress is always a great CMS platform for startups who don’t have a huge amount of money to invest in creating and launching a new website. You can download and install WordPress CMS software at free of cost. You only need to spend money in purchasing a reliable domain name and a web hosting provider.Plus, WordPress offers a complete range of free themes and plugins to let you get started at the most reasonable price. You can also get access to PREMIUM themes and plugins if you want more customized website for your business.
  2. Customization is in your hands
    Since WordPress comes with a ton of free as well as premium themes and plugins, you will get more options to customize your site, without any coding. You can further enhance the design and functionality of your site to make it more compelling and user-friendly.And the best part is that you don’t need to learn any HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript coding. All you need to do is to download and install the most suitable theme and plugin(s) to your site.

    With the help of a responsive WordPress theme, you can tweak the color scheme, background image, headers, footers, layouts, etc to make your site stand out from the crowd. In fact, some premium themes include an in-built drag-and-drop feature that take your WordPress customization experience to the next level.

    On the other hand, plugins allow you to extend the functionality of the site as per your business requirement. Use WordPress plugins to enhance the speed, search engine visibility, flexibility, and other functionalities of your site on the fly.

  3. Business- friendly platform
    Since the platform is all about creating and sharing content, you can easily focus on generating more clicks, visitors, and leads for increased revenues. In fact, most of the business organizations use WordPress as a website development and customization platform because it makes it easy to implement a robust content management strategy.Although there are plenty of options for optimizing a blog for search engine via default options panel offered by a WordPress theme, you can use a reliable SEO WordPress plugin such as Yoast SEO to improve the ranking of your site on Google and other search engines.
  4. Easy to Manage
    Startups love WordPress because it is super easy to manage and control a website. The platforms allow you to access the back-end of a site anytime – you don’t need to depend on any web developer or designer before making any tweak into the design and functionality of a site.You can add, edit, customize or delete your posts and pages with ease. This means you will have complete control over your site. Plus, WordPress allows you to integrate multiple users.

    You can assign each team member, along with their admin login details and their specific role. Administrators are allowed to edit and customize a site the way they want to.

  5. Quality of codes and W3C standard regulation
    Fortunately, most of modern and responsive WordPress are being developed and coded by professional web developers who are well-versed with HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript languages. This means startups don’t need to look back to the traditional way of programming and coding process. They just need to download a WordPress theme using the latest W3C standards and regulations.
  6. Easy to manage emails
    Startups always look for a powerful email management solution to accelerate their marketing campaigns across the web.Luckily, WordPress offers some of the exciting email management options that can help you create and send emails to your potential web customers and clients with ease. You can make a use of reliable email management and marketing plugin to get the most out of it.

    Tip: You can start up with a popular plugin, known as SumoMe that lets you grow your email subscribers list quickly and easily.

  7. Scalable
    WordPress is a versatile and scalable content management system that allows all scales and sizes of businesses to start off their first online venture with ease. The platform is ideal for everyone – be it a business owner, freelancer, web developer or a novice user – all thanks to its extensive range of themes, plugins and add-on features.Whether you want to create a single-page site or multi-purpose one, WordPress is considered to be the best web design and development solution across the web world.

    As your web business and traffic grows, you will be able to advance your account to welcome more web traffic- this features makes WordPress a scalable CMS platform. But make sure that your web hosting is offering you scalable options to let you generate more leads, without facing any win-win situation.

Startups will fall in love with WordPress if they follow up these seven incredible features of it. They will definitely enjoy using this platform while creating and customizing their first website.

Author Bio:
Emily is an expert CMS Developer. Currently, she is employed at a leading PSD to WordPress theme converter company and has a team of developers to assist her. She likes to read and write articles on various topics.

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