Six Common Email Marketing Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them for Startup

Deploying useful marketing mediums at ideal times, locations and preferences help gauge the best customers. Email-marketing is one of the most common yet integral tools for marketers in today’s fast-paced world. It brings in consistent and high levels of ROI for businesses around the world.
The good part about this medium is that email marketing service providers have made this tool rather simple and easy to use. The sad part, however, is that many marketers make a few common mistakes that in turn make this highly effective medium a total disaster.
Here are a few common email marketing mistakes to avoid whilst deploying this medium into your marketing campaign:

  1. Do not shower your customers with unwanted attention:
    Have you ever sent out a large bunch of emails to innumerable customers but still see your sales figures declining? Well, it’s probably because you didn’t ask for permission from your clients about invading their entire email space by bombarding them with your promotional offers or follow-ups. If you want respect, as a brand, or as a company, then ask your customers if they want to be emailed about offers, promotions etc. Include an “I agree” checkbox in your initial form.
  2. Do not send your ads to irrelevant clients:
    Often times marketers focus on spreading the message in their email marketing campaigns to a large group of people no matter what their demographics may be. What they should really be doing is outsmarting all those marketers who adopt this technique by segmenting and sending out emails to only those clients who are relevant to the offer, promotion or message being catered in the email. Marketing list brokers offer a vast business database and offers popular consumer lists to choose from in order to aid marketers in segmenting their customers. A few popular segments to make are by location, buying patterns, product interest categories etc.
  3. Do not focus on self-promotional content:
    Content matters and often times email marketers spend the least time making their content worth reading for their customers. Sending out emails about latest softwares updates will spark no interest amongst your clients. Informing them about the new features that this update has to offer will generate interest. Promote the values of your product not just the product itself.
  4. Do not give 0% importance to follow-up emails:
    Nonexistent follow-up series tend to result in a declining customer base. What good is a company if it forgets its clients after allowing them to use a free-trail version of their latest product and never convinces them to make a purchase. Try to align a series of follow up emails after the end of a free-trail version of your product. Keep the customers engaged by asking them a question or two about your free service.
  5. Do not give boring subject lines:
    Boring, deceptive and highly robotic subject lines tend to end up in every customer’s trash folder right away. It is the subject that sets the first impression about what an email has to offer inside. Think of creative subject lines that will compel the customer to open your email. Make each character in the 35 lettered-subject line space count!
  6. Do not forget to personalize:
    A highly imperative aspect of today’s marketing is that customers are becoming more and more attracted to pr. Customers instantly respond when they see their name being addressed in an email. It sounds more realistic by giving your emails a more “human” approach and gives the customers a sense of warmth and self-respect.

Popular customer databases to choose from:
Various online email list brokers offer a wide database of customers to choose from when sending out emails. ImpactLists is one such online database that offers the most updated information specially designed for emailing marketing. Others include the Australian Business Database, Marketing List Brokers and List Brokers Online.

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