The Skarp Razor Currently a Best Startup Idea with Crowdfunding Proposals up to 4 Million

The buzz word startup is everywhere in the world, but only few ideas are getting attention and success. The recent talk of the industry is Skarp Laser razor. It was announced at the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It got above 4 million funding support from more than 20,631 backers. The idea is all about a laser razor that is for both male and female. We’re hearing laser hair removal for many years at the same time hearing few negatives about it too. The same laser hair removal idea is better incorporated into this laser razor idea by two people, who are into this field for many years.

Shaving has been quite annoying routine for many with chances of cuts and reddish marks on the face very often. This razor is going to keep a full stop to these woes very soon. This razor cuts your facial hair with laser through totally painless approach. In fact, laser is always successful only on dark hair and totally in vain with grey and white hair. But, one of the founder of this idea mentioned that their laser is designed in a way to handle hair of any color. This is making the idea as a great breakthrough and keeping this idea as a best startup idea ever in the world too.

There are many rumors too spreading all over the net mentioning that such idea of laser razor is totally faulty. There are different kind of opinions floating all around the net over this business idea while some says it is possible and rest says it trash. To add up further to these rumors, the Kickstarter recently kept a notice on this project mentioning “Funding Suspended” too.

Startup ideas are coming and leaving in many forms, but the Laser Razor created hype was enormous at present. At present this project founders are confident about their idea and seems to be they will be getting funding from some other sources. Anyways, the laser razor is definitely a great help to get rid of shaving woes and this is a best sought after one for our present day metrosexual men too.

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