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Firebrand group released an e-book which is referred to as 20.16 (big ideas for 2016). In this particular book, the marketing experts, award-winning authors, other prolific leaders, branding experts and digital strategy experts have recommended a big idea that tech firms can benefit from if at all they intend to make progress in 2016.

One of the outstanding people that gave their view about the project was D. Schewbel. He is viewed to be one of the successful and dynamic modern entrepreneurs. Schawbel is a prolific writer, startup advisor, media personality, best seller author for New York Times just to mention a few. He is convinced that wearable tech should be the huge idea that firms pay attention to this year.

Fusecrunch Technology
Fusecrunch technology is offering a wide range of technology events, videos, reviews, analysis, features, news and much more. With the latest technology, Fusecrunch has managed to give detailed reviews of devices that help keep the human body healthy. For instance, the toothbrush that can minimize gum disease. This will reduce the cost insurance cover for employees when it comes to dental care.

How Firms can Benefit from Wearable Tech
Every single year, many of your staff will be taking wearable gadgets to work. Instead of dismissing your employees or discouraging the use of these gadgets, you need to support them and encourage them to use these devices. Do not come up with strict policies that prohibit the use of modern technology. There are some ways firms can use wearable devices as at now:

For the purpose of productivity growth: This will help you disseminate information fast and get work done on time with the assistance of tech glasses and smart watches.

To assist personnel manage their health for the purpose of reducing health care costs, eventually lowering absenteeism.

Adopting technology to your business
Many companies are buying Fitbit for their workers. As a motivating factor, companies set targets. The more steps you have in a given month, the more likely you are to get a bonus or even get a comprehensive healthcare cover. To obtain the latest information, you can sign up and get wearable tech digest newsletters. This acts as a way of ensuring your employees are in good health. The main reason for this motivator is that healthy employees are more productive and happy. Therefore, they will ensure the firm runs smoothly while making money for the company.

Impressive Wearable Tech
According to Dan Schawbel, the most impressive wearable tech is Fitbit. He received it during a conference that had been sponsored by Fitbit. He has managed to convince his friends to join. He says Fitbit has managed to be outstanding since there was more customer oriented. Currently, they have B2B arm which had proved to be fruitful even when it was new.

Impact of Wearable Tech on Executives Personal Brand
Individuals who wear these tech devices are often perceived as relevant, regardless of their age. The older professionals need to keep an eye on their health since they are more susceptible to ill health. These executives have many responsibilities. For this reason, they should be conscious and monitor their health progress. Thanks to these technological advanced devices, executives are now in a position of monitoring their health from anywhere, as long as they have their wearable devices.

High-Tech Business
Businesses that are centered in high technology, range from large firms (Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, etc.) to small companies. The distinct features between these organizations are numerous. Executives of these firms share recognition on the surprising changes tech adoption is bringing to our global market. These changes are also creating a lot of opportunities that are forthcoming.

According to J. Wyman, inadequately studying the potential consequences of technology may be disastrous and lead to a destructive type of managerial myopia. This will cause the business not to optimize to its full potential.

Prosperous high-tech companies are experts when it comes to identifying possibilities linked to technological advancement. This type of culture has been able to nurture the corporate cultures which help them take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself.

Secret to Maintaining Successful High-Tech Business
Try to keep yourself updated with any industrial changes regarding innovations, apps, changing markets and technology. Take advantage of technological transfer opportunities. Recently, research institutions and other government agencies have shown great interest in sharing technology and knowledge with other business enterprises and entrepreneurs. Such programs are making it possible for progress to be achieved as they are putting technology to the able hands of corporate people who are more bent to see it succeed.

You can as well explore other funding options available. Often, high-tech companies that have focused in areas such as networking, communication, Internet and software apps are now main recipients of funds from successful venture capital firms. With this in mind, you are assured of making it in the tech-business.

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