Startup Ideas for a Shoestring Budget

Startups are the name of the game in the modern world of business – quick and easy to boom, the only issue these suffer from is the lack of stability. Sometimes, this lack of stability turns people away from getting into a small business, mostly due to entrepreneurs not wanting to risk their finances. With this in mind, here are some smart startup ideas that you can launch on a shoestring budget.

Starting a tutoring business will probably set you back less than $100. Marketing your tutoring services wasn’t always as easy as it is nowadays, what with the online platforms and all. If you possess knowledge transferring skills and are good with students, you can make an account on websites such as for typical subjects such as math, physics, biology, etc. There are many web platforms out there that offer a wider array of subjects. Although these websites usually take a cut out of what you charge, they also provide a free way to start tutoring.

Grocery Delivery
A car is pretty much everything you need in order to start a grocery delivering service. The only problem is making deliveries simultaneously affordable for your clients and efficient enough for you to make a decent profit. The solution here is limiting your services to a specific area. The payment is somewhat simple here if you get a PayPal card reader – just attach it to your phone and enjoy a simple way of making transactions.

Errand Service
Once your grocery delivery business picks up in pace, you can upgrade it to an errand service. These businesses specialize in everything from checking on an owner’s dog at home to making and picking up deliveries. is an online platform that helps you connect with people who need their errands done – by using this platform you can start your errand service at almost no cost. The best part about running an errand service is the fact that you can find your niche – for example, if you start getting a lot of calls to make pickups and deliveries, you can reposition yourself as a pickup/delivery service.

Dog Training
Are you good with animals and do you own or have you owned a pet at a certain point in life? Well, then you may try yourself out at dog training. There are many dog training tutorial videos on YouTube and you are probably familiar with a couple of tricks from Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer. Simply start this business from your home, by offering to train your friends’ pups free of charge in order to build your reputation.

Security Services
If you have a background in law enforcement or military, starting a security company might be a smart investment, especially if you’ve made some related contacts through your previous experience. Most security services are based on alarm monitoring nowadays, so you can start by getting an appropriate system for this and rounding up some personnel.

Pet Sitting
On another hand, if you don’t want to train pets, you can always opt for sitting them and/or walking them. Much like pet training, pet sitting requires you to be good with animals; if you are a natural in these terms, there is no better way to earn easy money. Regardless of whether you opt for having the pets brought to your place or going to peoples’ residences to keep an eye on their pets, you should start with your neighbors and expand your business from there.

All of the mentioned startup ideas are budgetary and easy to get into. If there is something that you are good at, why not use the power of the modern technology to earn some money on the side; who knows, you might even get to turn it into a full-time profession!

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