From Corporate To Startup: The Story Of Brandburp’s CEO

Transitioning from a well-established company to a startup is not a decision you would make without due consideration. It is a very big move and can be highly risky as it has more cons than pros. Every individual, who plans to switch from a corporate to startup, goes through tons of emotions. The thought of not succeeding can be intimidating and overwhelming. At the same time, working at a corporate gives you a steady paycheck, health benefits, a support system and a strong backup. Risk-takers, however, go on their instinct and instead of making their dream of becoming an entrepreneur “their weakness”, they make it “their strength”.

And there’s no denying that the fear of not making it through has killed dreams of countless people. Fortunately, for Anshul Sharma, taking risk in the middle of his career, turned out to be a blessing in disguise. A man, who left the corporate world to establish his own startup company, is now the founder of BrandBurp Digital, a topnotch digital marketing agency in not just India but across the world.

BrandBurps CEO Anshul Sharma

A brief background: Prior to starting his own company, Anshul was employed somewhere else. Soon after, he realized that it wasn’t his cup of tea because he always aspired to do something on his own in sales and marketing. No wonder he pursued PGDM in Sales & Marketing from Symbiosis and then studied Executive MBA in Sales at Cambridge University even after getting a degree in B.Tech. His life has been challenging right from the beginning because he wasn’t someone who was happy with a “9 to 5” job. He wanted to become an entrepreneur and start something of his own and that’s what he did. After leaving his job, he researched about the business world and its insights. The knowledge he gained proved to be a life-changer for him. The decision he took about transitioning from a corporate paid off as his startup company BrandBurp Digital has revolutionized the functioning of brands, websites and mobile applications ever since it started in 2015.

Challenges faced: The early stages, when entrepreneurs usually try to figure things out are the most challenging ones. So is with BrandBurp’s CEO Anshul Sharma because he feels that the initial months need patience and persistence. Most importantly, it requires time, focus and diligence because it’s a period of mistakes and trials. Your entire company’s future is based on the choices you make and the rules you follow.

Talking about BrandBurp, the company has been working on branding and promotion of websites, mobile applications and startups since 2015. It is India’s first 360-degree Marketing Agency that uses an AI-powered platform to help businesses, enterprises, agencies and startups grow. However, back in the day, when it started, the concept was a very new one for most people. Taking risk in the field paid off well as the demand for digital marketing firm for branding and promotion is at peak.

Here are the challenges entrepreneurs usually face along with ways to overcome them:

  •  Adapting to a new environment: Starting a new company after being in a corporate firm, is a complete change of environment. Be it the work culture, employees, functioning, timing or revenue, everything changes. Adapting to the new environment can sometimes be demotivating but not losing calm is the key. Knowing that the phase will pass and your efforts will give you rewarding results, is very important.
  • An all-new concept: Startup is completely different from corporate companies. Unlike corporate companies, it isn’t established and well-structured. The challenge here is to accept the new concept.
  • You are the boss: It’s not a 9 to 5 job and you can’t take leaves, especially during the initial years. You need to work round-the-clock to get going and establish your brand.
  • Revenue isn’t that great in the beginning: Starting a company on your own isn’t exhilarating. It’s scary and risky. The return on investment is very less or zilch in the beginning. Nonetheless, the hard work will pay off and you will get the results. All you need to do is be consistent and focused.
  • The unlimited sacrifices: From leaving a job that paid well, to not being able to be a part of your friend circle, sleepless nights to societal pressure and not giving time to yourself or your family, starting a company on your own comes with a lot of sacrifices and stress. If handled with dedication, it can give rewarding results.

Position of BrandBurp in today’s market:

The vision was to give wings to brands in the new digital world and with constant good results; BrandBurp managed to become one of the best digital marketing companies in the world. The company creates a market presence of brands by promoting them on digital platforms. Its team of more than 175 skilled professionals that include business managers, SEO page rankers, content marketers, PR and outreach influences, content writers marketers and social media executives, uses tools and strategies to increase the leads, revenue and conversion. From promoting business to driving traffic, BrandBurp uses the best techniques and gives the best results. No wonder 50% of its clients are repetitive.

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