The 10 Most Successful Food Startups Of The Decade

Are you looking for new food startups in the market?

You came to the right place! Here you could find the best ten food startups of the decade. You may like some of these news startups, so have a look at their benefits.

The Best 10 Most Successful Food Startups


1. SmartSweets

Candy without sugar? You would probably say that is impossible. But, this new food startup managed this to work. They are testing with natural ingredients so they could make delicious sweets that will not affect your health. People love that they do not use GMO products, and everything is natural and real. And if you decide to give a chance to these new manufacturers. You could be certain that you will get sweets freed from alcohol, sugar candy, and without common allergens. They have a great offer. For example, you could purchase a sour gummy bear, sour melon bites, sweet fish, and many more.

2. Magic Spoon

This new startup is producing new healthy cereals. If you have kids, you would be glad to hear that these cereals have high protein, little carbs, but they are delicious. Your kids would enjoy it, and you would be happy that they eat healthier food. There are cocoa, fruity, frosted, and common cereals. You could choose your favorite and enjoy it. If you decide to purchase this cereal, you need to visit Magic’s spoon website and order it there. This startup is not available in markets jet.

3. Wildway

This startup is all about nature. The founders wanted to produce natural food. They also wanted to get much as possible from nature, just like in the old times. Healthy and fresh. This is why you can trust this startup. In their offer, they have fruit and nut snack mixes, grain-free cereal, and grain-free granola. Each of these has different flavors. For example, you could try mint chocolate chip or toasted coconut keto cereal.

4. Oddbox

If you are vegan, you would love this startup idea. If you want to order veggies or fruits, you could easily visit the Oddbox webpage and order it there. This startup is in agreement with farmers, so they are rescuing fruits and vegetables, so it would not perish. Also, the order box would come overnight, so there would not be many emissions. One of the best things is that you could save the planet like that, and you would not spend much. Also, delivery is free.

5. Kitche

You probably have a lot of food in the back of your fridge, and you do not know what to do with it. That is why you should try to use the Kitche app. This app allows you to scan your food leftovers and make recipes with them. This app will search for the best cooking recipes. You only need to make it. This app is excellent if you want to save some money and if you do not want to waste your food. Also, with this app, you would know which food you have at home, so you would know what you need to buy from the market if you forget.

6. Revolution Foods

This new company manufactures healthy meals. Their meals are perfect for schools, kindergarten, and for everyone who enjoys fresh and healthy foods. They provide food with a lot of vegetables and fruits in it. Also, their food does not contain additives or artificial flavors. You can choose between many meal programs. If you are looking for a healthy lunch, you should try a honey mustard salad with grilled chicken bites. There are many more delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Also, you could choose some snacks.

7. Hampton Creek
If you decide to give it a chance, you will get great recipes and products for your meal. If you subscribe, you will get a box full of ingredients and recipes for a week. Their recipes are healthy with lots of vegetables. Also, you do not need a whole day, for preparing lunch, you will need 35 minutes or even less. For example, you could try to make chipotle steak with vegetable tacos. If you want to try their recipes, you could visit their site and look at their offer.

8. Instacart

This is a delivery company. You could choose if you want them to get your delivery at your home or you could get your order in a local store. The best thing is that you could get coupons and save money. While you order ingredients, you could also get useful suggestions from this startup. You can download their app or visit their website. There you could purchase organic groceries, home essentials. Also, this app connects you with the nearest personal shopper. He takes your order or grocery list and goes get them instead of you.

9. Daily Harvest

If you love soups, smoothies, lattes, out or chia bows, this startup would be great for you. Their food is organic, healthy, and delicious. Their harvest bowls are perfect for the days when you do not have time for cooking. Their bowls are ready in 10 minutes. You would be glad to hear that smoothies have under 400 calories. If you are not eating enough vegetables or fruits, Daily Harvest will help you with that problem. They will add lots of veggies to your meals, so there would be no excuses for not eating healthy anymore.

10. IWON Organics

This startup produces organic protein snacks. Their first product chips. But, that was not ordinary chips. This one is full of proteins, and it is plant-based. They used the only natural and not GMO ingredients. If you decide to order their snacks, you could choose between family or single serve bags. Also, you choose between many flavors like cheddar cheese puffs, spicy-sweet peppers, vegan sample packs, and many more.


Here you could read the best ten food startups. Each of these has great characteristics and a good perspective for the future. There are many competitors in the market, and therefore they must constantly improve. One of the best ones is Kitche because you do not need to throw away food you do not eat. This startup gives you great recipes for everything you have at home. Your job is only to follow their instructions and make a perfect meal.

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