Tools for Startup Productivity

Nowadays, technology is leading us all ahead and this is not an exception for the startups too. It is a must for the entrepreneur to handle many activities for his or her startup. Here, depending up on some of the best tools can save your time besides improvising your productivity too. Let us see some of such tools those can be of great help for the present day startups.

  1. There is a best tool called Asana that help your teams to track their work progress and received results. This Asana is best cloud based tool for the project management. It is a suitable and flexible tool to customize things according to your needs. Each task is successfully made associated with the relevant project and department. Also, you can add recurring tasks to the team through it too.
  2.  There is another tool called Trello and this is also good addition to monitor team works in the organization. This is a free tool that comes with more flexibility with the added visual way for organizing everything with anyone in the team. This is a best collaborative tool for managing small teams in your organization.
  3. There is a best messaging app called Slack and this is best way to connect well with your team constantly and uninterruptedly. Already, many startups making good use of this app too.
  4. If your startup needs more inspiration and in the need of everyday a new thought about product development, then Product Hunt is a best match for you. This is available as mobile app as well as website. This will update you daily with the list of new products. Your team can get updated with these new products and their details in a way to make your product further unique and a best sought after one for all.
  5. Email tracking is nowadays must and part of the responsibility for every startup. This email tracking along with analytics is trust worthy and effective through a best tool that is YesWare. Its features allow you to collaborate with team besides providing you with the email analytic solutions as well as click/open tracking of the emails details too.
  6. Your startup will have regular meetings and other schedules in order to keep the ball rolling. Here, you will need a personal assistant to stream line these meetings and other schedules in a way you can’t give them a miss. Charlie is a best personal assistant tool here that will make you feel its presence by you. It syncs well with your calendar and researches and gathers useful data for the meeting from the newspapers, LinkedIn and twitter and keeps promptly ready at your table before to all your schedules.

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