Travel Tricks Every New Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Business travelling sure is difficult. In travelling, you can face all sorts of people, culture, and even problems and hassle. This is hard, especially for business people who are doing this for the first time.
However, there are tips and tricks that puts you into leverage, and if you use them, this might make your travel life more enjoyable. They can be used by newbies or veterans. These tips might even improve you not only travel-wise but also business wise.

If you ever are a newbie. You might even enjoy and love travelling and say that you want to do it again and again. Here are some tips for starting entrepreneurs.

travel tricks

Make sure you pack efficiently- Before your trip, make sure that you pack everything you need. Before going to the flight, check if you brought your passport, extra money in case of emergencies, toiletries, wallet, phone, extra battery, and clothes you will need for the next few days.

Usually, the manner of over or under packing comes to our clothes. In bringing clothes, bring the clothes you need, not want to wear. There is nothing wrong with bringing extra shirts in case something wrong happens but make sure that this will only be one or two pieces of the same garment.

If you have needed accessories like belts, ties, and eyeglasses, keep them in the suitcase first hand. Discomfort from lack of these items will make you lose your style and confidence. Bring the necessary amounts of clothes because you will have to repeat the same clothes unless you buy new garments or wash the ones you wore already.

The early bird catches the cheapest ticket- If you reserve flights as early as three weeks before the flight, you will more likely get cheaper tickets. A secret that only a few people know is when you open an airline website more often, they increase your fare.

To prevent this, make sure that you enter the site through a browser in private/incognito mode. To do this on PC, and press Ctrl+Shift+N, while clicking on the settings button for mobile.

This does not only apply on flights. You should also book hotel rooms early so you could get the room you desire before someone else.

At least know where you’re going- When you are an entrepreneur, and you do business travel, learning the culture, language, and the trend of the country you are going to is a very big help for you.

You do not have to be a bilingual automatically, at least learn the basics on how they speak. You can start with numbers, then simple expressions, then simple sentences. When you study their language, locals from the area will appreciate it, and they might help you once you need something.

In some cases, the one you have a business deal with is from the place you are going to. Learning some words can increase your chances of closing that business deal because the other party would somehow feel a connection with you.

If learning their language makes you their friend, learning their culture makes you their family. By learning their culture and how they behave, you would know what actions, in particular, are considered as good or disrespectful. In this way, you are like one of them.

Have an itinerary- Time is the most valuable asset a person could have. If you ask other entrepreneurs who are successful in their field, they might tell you the same. Doing business travels with a detailed itinerary that will guide you although out the trip will be a huge help.

Having an itinerary will remind you of the tasks that you need to accomplish during the trip. Without an itinerary, you might enjoy the trip too much that you forget what your real purpose is. Also, an itinerary keeps you on schedule and on time. In the itinerary, you could chop your goals per day so you would not be bombarded with tasks.

Have proper budget allocation- Your travel should not empty your pockets dry. Before the trip, have a list of the costs you are expected to have which are transportation like plane tickets and fares to cabs and chauffeurs, accommodation, and food.

Before taking the trip, research about the country if their currency is higher or lower than yours. Some countries offer cheaper prices on certain products especially if it’s their main export.

Bring extra cash with you. This is not for shopping or any form of extravagance. This money should be solely for instances when your money was either forgotten someplace or snatched by a thief. Keep this on the suitcase inside your hotel room and get only if you need to get it. Money for shopping should be already included in the budget.

Build business networks- Ask yourself; why are you travelling in the first place? Why are you an entrepreneur? It’s because it’s your job to close deals and expand your network. If there is an opportunity to expand your network or get your brand to be known, take it, grasp it, and squeeze it to the very last drop.

You can meet other people on the plane you are riding, the locals in the area, or the person you had a business deal with. The main purpose is for you to sell them whatever you are selling and you can accomplish this by having good communication skills, professionalism, and charisma.

The last tip that you should remember is to enjoy your stay and make the most out of it. There would be hours that you have nothing to do on the trip so you might as well appreciate the beauty of the place you are staying, too. One of the keys to a proper business travel is making the most out of it to relax. Taste their delicacies, meet their people, go to different places around that area, engage and participate in their activities. You should have no pressure if this is your first time because there will be more of it and through the times, you will adapt more to this lifestyle. It’s all okay; you deserve a break.

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Reza ChoudhuryReza Choudhury runs an international chauffeur company that helps facilities managers, travel managers, event managers, executives assistants, c-level executives and office managers, arrive at their destination on-time and stress-free. He does this by providing an app & online platform that allows users to schedule multiple bookings while watching chauffeur’s arrive in real-time. His passion is spending time with his family and playing table tennis. Visit HYRYDE to know him more.

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