Why Your Startup Blog Might Fail

In today’s digital marketplace, many bloggers are trying to make it big. Unfortunately, not everyone’s capable of developing a successful blog. The difference between average bloggers and highly successful bloggers lies in more than a few factors.

If you’re serious about blogging, you probably perceive it as a real business. Therefore, that makes you an entrepreneur and puts you in direct competition with the “big boys”, who also happen to be effective entrepreneurs that are currently owning successful blogs in your niche.

In today’s post, you’re going to learn some good things. You’re going to find out the primary motives for which your startup blog might terribly fail.

Whose fault is it? Yours 100%. Why? Because before launching your blog, you haven’t done your homework well. Therefore, you might have proceeded with the wrong actions, which unfortunately have led to unfulfilling results.

Let us shed light on the most common mistakes you might be doing. Once you’re conscious of your wrong ways, start taking real action towards change. Change yourself and your actions and bring your blog back to life.

1. You Have No Precise Purpose or Goals

There’s a difference between a purpose and a goal, however, in order to improve your odds of success, you need to have them both. A purpose is something that you want deep down. It comes from the “inner you” and it avoids the teachings and the tendencies of the society you’re living in.

A goal is basically an achievement in progress. It’s basically the space between Point A and Point B, the latter representing your finish point.

Your purpose must be big in order to motivate you to keep moving forward. At every challenge, you should remind yourself the important reason for which you need to get back up.

Your goals must also be organized. You can split them into smaller chunks, smaller objectives. Assign deadlines to each and stick to them like they were the most important obligations in your life. Treat your goals seriously otherwise they’ll start to lose value and become ineffective tools.

2. You Underappreciate the Work Involved in the Process

A lot of newbie bloggers enter the blogging sphere without any respect for the job. By that, I mean that they’re under appreciating the actual work which is involved in the entire process. While their competition treats their blogs like real businesses, how could they ever stand a chance? How can a startup evolve if there’s no effective engine?

Blogging is not an easy task…You pay with your time, energy, and money. You also pay with your nerves.There’s a lot of work involved, and you need to commit to consistent action. Otherwise, you are going to stagnate.

Whenever launching a startup, one important factor that you’ll need will be continuous progress and results. These can only be achieved through hard and smart work!

3. You Haven’t Built an Email Marketing Strategy

If you believe that email marketing is dead, you’re terribly mistaken. Indeed, less and fewer people communicate through emails, and that’s because social media channels are more efficient. However, there are still a lot of people who check their emails and who consistently use it for professional purposes.

If you don’t build a list, you’re probably never going to build a solid database of loyal customers. Any brand’s dream is to do that: to gather as many loyal customers who will keep buying and buying, all because they’re attached to the brand.

Email marketing allows you to strengthen your connections with your subscribers. Being able to communicate with them every time you want by simply sending an email gives you a huge advantage. They’ll start trusting you, recommending you, and they’ll continue buying from you!

That’s how you build a successful blog. You keep adding value to your email list. This is basically a long-term investment which assures you that your blog’s not going to become a ghost because there are people who actually know your name and follow you without question!

4. Money Is Your Primary Motivator

Money should never be the primary motivation. In case that it is, your life will become miserable. You might be thinking that you’ll be an independent blogger, no boss, no much struggle, but in reality that’s just a poor dream. If you’ve chosen your blog niche and your monetization techniques according to what pays off best in cash, you’ve started with the left foot.

In order to be fully drawn to the result that you’re expecting, you need to find something non-materialistic. Your final objective cannot be money or status. You need to be passionate about the final result. For example, you want to help people lose weight and get rid of the diseases which come out of obesity.

Or, you want to help more animals find shelters. Or you want to offer help to all the pregnant mothers out there who are scared and don’t know what to do.You see, these are the main motivations of a successful blogger. Not cash. Not money, dollars, or however you want to call them. Those are just pieces of paper; indeed, they help you get more luxury in life, but they’re never a direct influencer of happiness!

5. You Write Too Much Content and Neglect Promotion

Content creation is necessary and welcomed. It should be done on a consistent basis, otherwise, it loses its value. Most readers expect to receive new content on a weekly if even not daily basis. If the content is good, it means that it benefits their lives in some manner.

However. Writing content without putting it in front of your target audience’s eyes is not going to be helpful…at all. You’re probably going to reap some organic traffic from search engines (that if they index your pages), and that’s pretty much it.
But you might probably say: “I share my content on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and sometimes they get a few shares! My friends help me share it.”

Well, that cannot be considered a promotion strategy. You’re doing the basics, and you can’t win by only doing that. There are more advanced promotion strategies like content marketing, media buying, social ads, search engine ads, and so on. You must learn how to promote your blog before hoping for some kind of success in this sphere.

6. You Are Inconsistent

Inconsistency leads to failure. As I’ve already mentioned earlier, the competition is fierce, and everyone’s trying to prevail. If you want to reach the top, you need to consider developing not just a blog, but a real brand. And brands…well…brands are consistent. Always.

There are countless of blogs who are leveraging efficient branding techniques in order to improve their brand awareness – you should do that too because it works.Moreover, you should stay consistent all the time. I’m talking about consistency in content development and distribution, promotion, measurement and optimization, and all the baggage that comes with the blogging activity.

7. You Give Too Much Value Away for Free
Giving away free value is not a bad thing at all. In fact, that’s how you win your prospects’ attention. By giving first and expecting nothing in return, you’re creating a good vibe between you and your readers. They’ll appreciate your non-intrusive way of interacting with them, and they’re likely to visit you again.

Nevertheless, everything has a limit. A balance must be maintained, otherwise, your readers will start taking advantage without paying back ever.Your blog should feature extremely valuable information, tips, strategies, insights, and so on. It should contain value.

However, you should always protect your most valuable information. Put it somewhere safe, add it up with other information, and start developing a digital product. Let everyone “bite” in order to pay attention. Once they’re attentive, you can introduce your new product.

In case you’ve managed to build a solid relationship based on value and trust, your loyal readers will purchase your new product without a problem. In case they love what you write for free, imagine how they’re going to perceive the value that your paid product will have.


Blogging is a truly complex activity, which could be a pain or a joy. That depends only on you. The more you emotionally involved in the process and the more you look for improvements in yourself and in your blogging activity the more success you’ll experience online.

Author- Sarah Loise

Sarah is a member of the MyMathDone.com team, which is in charge of content creation and website maintenance. Also she uses her in-depth knowledge of commercial legal matter, commercial off-the-shelf systems, marketing and engineering in business consulting for young entrepreneurs.

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